Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Play List of the Month-January


So it is almost the end of January! It seems to have gone soo quick ugh stop time stopppp!
       So it is time for me to share my play list of the month with you! I hate having to choose just 12 songs because over the month i listen to and enjoy so so so many songs!
        But here are my top 12 songs this month(in no particular order!) and remember to go check out any songs/artist you haven't heard!

  1. Shiver-Lucy Rose
  2. Hiding Tonight- Alex Turner- A softer side of the arctic monkeys!
  3. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey-
  4. Every Keaton Henson song ever made-If you haven't heard of Keaton Henson you need him in your life! His lyrics are so fragile and beautiful they have been know to make me cry a little!
  5. Alas I cannot swim- Laura Marling- This song reminds me of Juno, it has a really quirky feel to it and some of the best lyrics "saying work more, earn more, live more, have more fun!"
  6. Fire & Rain-Birdy
  7. The times they are a changin'-Bob Dylan-A classic.
  8. Salvation-Gabrielle Aplin-Been a fan for years and she never disappoints!
  9. Cinematic Lifestyle-Hudson Taylor
  10. The Wire-HAIM-I'm totally addicted to this band!!!
  11. Lost and found-Lianne La Havas
  12. Droplets-Lewis Watson & Gabrielle Aplin cover of Colbie Caillet-My two favourite people.
Other Artists I've been loving include-
  • Jessie Ware
  • Snow Patrol
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Jake Bugg
  • Paolo Nutini
  • The Lumineers
Leave me a comment telling me what songs you've been loving this month because I'm always on the lookout for new songs the hear!

You NEEEEED to hear this!!-January
This month i had a super hard choice deciding but finally came to a conclusion! This months choice is an extremely talented girl called Andie who has the most amazing unique voice i have heard in ages! Not only are her videos filled her her beautiful voice, she just makes me smile! Her intros are always really happy and bubbly, i think she is just adorable and would be like the best friend ever! Seriously if you haven't hear Andie you need to go over to her you tube channel iwantaltitude right now and listen to her incredible voice! (also she is Australian so her accent is just the best!)
      You can find Andie's youtube HERE!

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Have an great day!
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Outfit of the day
It is my Dada's birthday today so i made an effort huzzar!
Polka dot dress underneath-new look-£20 i think
Tights-New look-unknown

Song of the day

You're no god-Laura Marling

Monday, 28 January 2013

Disappointing Products...

Oh hey!

So this post is kind of negative but I've been realising lately just how bad some of the products i use are! And I'm not saying they are totally rubbish just i don't think personally we get on very well.
        Also some of these products in past posts I've been like "OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!" but since then I've changed my mind! I just feel like i talk about lots of products i like but not ones i don't so here you gooooo!

Disappointing Products #1

VO5 "Give Me Texture" dry texturising spray
I don't like my hair to be perfectly neat so i like it quite messy and tousled so when i got this product for Christmas i was sooo happy! I used it almost everyday instead of hairspray and fold the instructions down to every last detail....but yeah it doesn't work! It just didn't seem to make any difference to my hair at all or keep it styled for longer! From boots it's £3.49 which i don't think is that bad but what is the point in paying money for a product that works no better than a can of tesco's own hairspray?! I was just really let down by this as i was so excited about it! I'm not giving up on salt sprays though I'm definitely going to try a different make one. I really would not recommend this VO5 one though, it sprays like a hairspray and just vanishes and didn't effect my hair at all! Total disappointment!

Rimmel "lasting finish 1000 kisses" lip tint + balm
I only bought this a week or so ago and at first i raved about it in the haul post (HERE) I've used it quite a few times since then. I still adore the colour and I'll still use it but i won't be repurchasing! I have three problems with this product-
  1. The balm- It dries my lips out! My friend really likes the balm but i personally feel like it is too thick and just seems to sit on my lips and not moisturise them at all. In my opinion it feels like glue, seriously i really don't like the balm so i never use it! Also when you put the balm over the lip tint it makes no difference! I think the lip tint looks a lot nicer on its own and in my opinion i think the balm should have been make a lot shinier and almost glittery to use when you're out somewhere or if you want to jazz the colour up a bit. I think the balm just lacks like it is pretty much useless!
  2. "lasting"...LIES!-Rimmel says-"Apply the colour on clean bare lips for all day colour". RIMMEL LIES! I wore it yesterday and applied it after dinner at about 1:30pm then went to my Grandma's house then picked up my friend and came home. By the time i got home at like 2:30pm it was pretty much gone! I hadn't had anything to eat or drink in that time and it had just disappeared?! Sure it doesn't transfer onto anything but it is most definitely not "lasting". I did a little experiment today and applied the lip tint before i eat and after the meal so about half an hour later it was totally gone. Such a let down as the colour is gorgeous but for £5 i just don't think it is worth it.
  3. Application-Like most lip tints this product has a tip like a felt tip. For me i don't find it easy to use at all! You couldn't apply it on the go you need a mirror to be able to draw around the shape of your lips where as with a lipstick bullet you can apply anywhere. Also i found that the colour is very uneven when you apply it and the outline always looks much darker as when you apply it the tip seems to dry out and i don't know i just don't like how it applies at all!
I would recommend this product if you want it to stay just for a short amount of time but for daily use i don't think it is worth the money.

Rimmel "Scandaleyes Show Off" mascara

I'll admit that i have talked about how much i like this quite a lot but I've recently stopped using it. Sure it volumises and lifts your eyelashes. But although it says "no clumps" it clumps. It is annoying because you have to put quite a few coats on for it to lift and volumise your lashes but when your lashes finally look good they are clumped. You either get one or the other-Volume and lift or no clumps. Also it just crumbled! I've stopped using this for school now because i was finding that by the time i got home all around my eyes looked quite dark and it had just crumbled off and my eyelashes were bare! If you rub your eyes when you have this product on it just smudged and no one wants that! It's such a shame as it is applies really nicely and the wand is to thick and lovely but it just disappears and for the price you pay you can get much better!

Lush "Magic Wand" bubble bar
Oh god everyone is going to hate me for this! I will probably still buy another one of these mainly because they are so cute i can't resist and they smell amazing!!! BUT for a "bubble bar" the bubbles are a let down! Sure they make a good amount of bubbles but within like 5-10 minutes all of the bubbles have disappeared and i find myself left in a bubble-less bath with pink water. I much prefer the bath bomb purely because they are just less fuss! After you've used the bar it is just a fuss letting it dry then wrapping it up again whereas with the bath bombs it's just drop and enjoy the fizzing noise. I know everyone seems to love these bubble bars and sure I've enjoyed using it, i just think they are massively hyped up but you get more bubbles for a simple bottle of bubble bath?! What did anyone else think of these?

Leave me a comment telling me what you think of the products I've talked about or any others you've been disappointed by!

That's all for now folks
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Much love

Song of the day
Today's song comes from one of my favourite instagramers Zoe Holdman (@turbanoutfitters) Her soundcloud is perfection her voice is breathtakingly beautiful you seriously need to listen to her!!
Pages-Zoe Holman

Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Hair Story...

oh hey guys!

So i had a pretty weird dream a couple of nights ago and it made me sad so why not share it with you?!
     So i was casually strolling into B&Q with my mum and dad telling them about the hair cut i wanted (don't even want a hair cut so who knows what that is about?!) then the dream skipped and i walked out of B&Q with thick, wavy cropped hair which has always been my dream hair! Somewhere inbetween Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel. So basically the exact opposite of what i have, hurray! But this dream made me really sad because i have pathetically thin hair so i know i can never get this dream hair cut, sad times i know *cries*

    Overtime I've done a lot of hair experimenting so i thought i would share my hair story with you! Prepare for some really bad hair and really unattractive photos of me....ENJOY!

Natural Hair
My natural hair is a mousey blonde colour which I've always found really dull and boring and meh. Also my natural hair is super thin and super straight. To all those people that want naturally straight hair-trust me, you don't! I can't do anything to my hair, curls just drop within an hours and nothing stays right! ugh ugh ugh hate it!

So until my whole childhood i had the traditional block fringe which looked dead cute and i actually really like when i look back at it! I had this for agggggeeeesss and my mum kept cutting it back(wonky!)

Bob Problems
       I don't remember when the full fringe went but it seemed to disappear sometime in primary school. Then from the ages of about 6-11 my hair when from a bob to long to a bob to long. I honestly have no idea why i kept going back to having short hair as i always regretted it! I remember one time getting it all cut and being like "yay i love it!!" then half an hour later crying because i hated it so much. It looked terrible on me, i really really reallly reeeeaaalllllyyyy don't suit short hair...LESSON LEARNT!

     So i made after leaving primary school which long hair and a really bad side fringe which wasn't really side fringe just a terribly cut side bit, i then decided over the summer that i wanted a change for my new school...and i made a huge mistake...can you guess?....yep.....bob. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID LUCY?! It was just as bad and made me look like a 5 year old and ugh i regret it so much ugh. I was just horrid and got really greasy and i just had no idea how to style it so wore ridiculous head bands and hair bows and ugh just no Lucy!!!
Long Hair don't care
    Gradually my hair got longer and longer and i liked it! My side fringe grew long as well so i started pinning it back and plaiting it in a very Lauren Conrad in her "The Hills" era  type way. I started wearing it in middle parting for a bit and occasionally curling it. It was just really easy to handle and style which is good and i could do a lot with it which i really liked. It gave me the chance to experiment with it and just mess around to see what suited me and what didn't!

    BUT it was around this time that "victorious" came on TV and like all other teenage girls i fell in love with Ariana Grande's bright red hair. It ate away at me but i couldn't dye it in term time because my school would hate me! Over the Easter holiday in 2011 when i turned 13 i tried to dye it with a really bad (shockingly bad and cheap, it came in a sachet for crying out loud!) hair dye....yeah it didn't work! It was then that i realised i had one of those really awkward hair colours that really doesn't like to be dyed! But i also realised just how bored i was of my hair and how much i wanted a change.

The Paramore Phase #1
    Just before summer in about June 2011 i finally changed my hair! I had been literally obsessed with paramore and Hayley Williams for a long time and i stumbled across a picture of Hayley with her hair up in a pony hair and a really rough cut almost spikey full fringe and fell in love. I started looking around and found loads i liked! I didn't want a neat totally straight fringe so this edgy fringe was just for me! SOOOO i got it done!

    At first i was really unsure and didn't wear it down much because as my hairdresser described my hair wasn't used to having a fringe so it took a while for my hair to chill out and get used to itself! which it eventually did and i started really liking it. I pinned the side bits up and started to try new things!  I kept getting it cut back keeping it relatively rough and never allowing it to get too long or too defined. All was good in the world of  Lucy's Hair! But when i look back I'm never sure whether i suited it or not, hmmmms

Red Velvet Head (Kinda...maybe?...no)
After going to Spain in the summer of 2011 i took the opportunity to dye my hair red for the rest of the summer. I liked it and all but i was disappointed that it wasn't very bright and faded really really really quickly! It went for of a rusty ginger colour which i actually didn't mind that much!

The Paramore Phase #2
I made a mistake... a bad one...Can you guess?....yep....bob. Around this time i decided to be really angsty and moody and listen to paramore again as well as many other rock artists! My dress sense when and everything went back! It all started when i stumbled across a picture of Hayley with a rough cropped hair look and side fringe. By this point i started pushing my fringe to the side again and growing it out. It had all these really annoying long bits in that really annoyed my mum but i obviously thought looked "supa kool" So in autumn 2011 i got a bob again WHY LUCY?! Like all my other bob experiences i liked it for a while then hated it!

     This time i decided to take it a step further and died my hair BRIGHT GINGER! literally it was orange!!! Me being weird loved it for some reason?! Gradually my roots started coming through and my hair started to resemble a tiger?!

The Attempt
My mum has lovely dark brown hair and it is so so so so pretty! When my roots got really bad me and mum mutually agreed that it was time for me to dye my hair a normal colour to try and cover them. So i found the most beautiful photo of zooey deschanel i have ever seen and decided to dye my hair dark brown and i was sure it would work!
      I dyed it and at first i hated it and thought it was too dark, but gradually i started to really like but gradually my PERMANENT dye started to disappear and within a week my hair was somehow back to my natural mousey blonde?! HATE U HAIR DYE.

Present day
So my hair gradually grew and it is now at a length i like it as i can put it up in high pony tails, top-knot buns, pretty much anything. Also all remains of hair dye is slowly disappearing leaving me with a natural ombre which i LOVE! My natural hair has come back much darker which i like as well.
      I love my hair but i often consider trying to dye it dark again but more of a Wednesday Addams vibe to it, but I'm too much of a wuss so for now my hair is frozen how it is mainly due to fear!

Dream Hair
If i could have any hair in the whole entire world it would be mid-length like Alexa Chung and thick like Zooey Deschanel. Obviously i would have a full fringe but it wouldn't be too block. My ideal hair would be wavy, not curly, it wouldn't be perfect and would kink out and be a bit messy. In terms of colour it would be a deep chestnut brown. WAA! i want this hair so much!

         I've been a fan of Gabrielle Aplin's for many years now and this week my mild jealously of her face turned into insane jealously of her face and hair!!! SHE HAS MY DREAM HAIR!!!! Please someone get me this hair, please, TELL ME TO DO IT!!!

one day...one day....

SO! that's my hair story, leave me a comment telling me your dream hair and any hair related disasters!

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Have a great week
Much love

PS. I've made the decision to only do outfit of the days when i have a particular outfit because i tend to wear the same things over and over so that isn't exciting and also I'm really lazy so often just stay in my uniform or just throw on a big jumper which again isn't exciting! So sorry if you like them i just don't want to post the same outfit over and overrr

Song of the Day

The Sum- Ally Rhodes

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tips and tricks for the perfect school makeup look...

oh hey!

So this week has been massively uneventful so far; i was off school on Monday as i was poorly, then I've just been at school yesterday and today (ugh, my life is so boring, forever wishing i was some new york socialite or, even better, a made in Chelsea girl!!)
          I don't put makeup on most Sundays as i never leave my house and then as i was off  on Monday, yesterday i had to remind myself of how to put my school face on! I had to try and remember all my rules and tips. So i thought why not share them with you!

Lucy's tips and tricks for the perfect school makeup look!
Unless you go to the best school ever chances are you have rules on makeup. In our school officially we have a no makeup rule (hahahahahahahahaha no.) Naturally no one sticks to this rule, so now teachers patrol corridors with packs of makeup wipe pulling aside anyone they suspect.
       After almost 4 years in my school I've worked out all the give away signs and how to get around the rule! I have never once had a makeup wipe but yet wear makeup every. single. day. Here how i do it!

Avoid a face-only tan-A message to all the girls that don't understand, MAKEUP IS SUPPOSED TO MATCH YOUR SKIN TONE NOT TAN YOUR FACE, THAT IS WHAT BRONZER IS FOR! If you have a tanned face and a pale neck that is a huge giveaway! So when you buy your foundation/concealer/BB cream/pressed powder etc make sure it totally matches your skin tone, otherwise you will get caught and have to spend the rest of the day bare faced and no girl wants that! If you want to have a tanned glow, use bronzer along your cheekbones to define them and give yourself a holiday-fresh glow!

Adjust your makeup for the time of year-Teachers tend to be more easy going in the middle of a term so you can allow yourself a little more makeup freedom. But after a school holiday teachers are much stricter so gently ease yourself into your school makeup routine after a holiday.

Never leave a trace-This means no makeup lines on your jaw line and definitely no foundation on your shirt collars. These are the biggest giveaways, so make sure to flawlessly blend your makeup so there aren't any lines and your face is evenly covered. If you are a regular foundation collar criminal use some pressed powder around your jaw line so it isn't as cakey and greasy, then it won't smudge onto your collar.

Avoid using too much powder-As much as it is super good at make your face totally matte, covering over redness and so many other things. It can be a give away! You don't want your face to look powdery, the main place this can happen is under your eyes. If you use it to try and cover up tiredness, use a concealer or an under-eye concealer with a light layer of powder over the top, this wont leave your eyes as powdery.

Clean up-No one can apply makeup so perfectly they don't get a little mascara on their eyelid but teachers will notice it! So make sure you use the corner of a makeup wipe to get rid of any little marks or mistakes before you leave your house.

Careful with lipstick choices-I'm a self-confessed lipstick addict and wear it every day. But you have to be super careful when choosing lipstick colour. bubblegum pinks, red, plums leave all bright colours in your makeup bag and get a nude pink or rose colour lipstick for school. Also try and avoid super-glossy lips, dab your lips after applying the lipstick just to matte it down a little or if possible use a lip stain or tint.

Go with the seasons-As the weather changes to will your face, cheek get rosier in summer, skin gets darker etc so you need to change your makeup to match your face. pretty simple really!

Make sure you still look human-As humans we have imperfections, freckles, rosy cheeks so don't totally cover everything! After putting all your makeup on put a little bit of blusher on your cheeks just to gives yourself some colour to make it look more natural. And learn that no matter how hard you try, you can't cover freckles.

Don't go mad with your eye makeup-mascara and eyeliner are the two all time biggest give aways! It you totally cake your eyelashes in mascara and wear really dark heavy eyeliner you will get a makeup wipe! Also be careful with your bottom lashes, they are naturally really dark so don't go over the top with mascara on the bottom, or purchase a brown mascara for a more natural look. But honestly, more mascara doesn't mean bigger eyes, so don't weigh down your eyelashes! Teachers always notice heavy eye makeup so be careful!

Learn your school-Spend sometime working out how much you can get away with and what things teachers in your school always notice, then change your makeup to suit it!

Help each other out-See some mascara on your friends eyelid? TELL HER! If you help others they are more likely to point out a line or a smudge so you don't get caught!

Try and stick to a routine-Massive changes in your makeup look will spark it. So try and minimise huge, drastic changes to your routine!

Leave me a comment telling me any things teachers in your school always notice!
Sorry for lack of pictures in this post, everything is being weird!

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PS. I've decided to not do outfits of the day during the week as I'm lazy! But i have one today!
Outfit of the day
the old favourite H&M dress
tights-primark super cosy (THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER.)-£3.50
necklace-miss selfridge-£5

Song of The Day
Rivers and Roads-The head and heart

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Guess Who Went Shopping...


finally went shopping YAY YAY YAY it had been too long, far to say i was overexcited! Shopping centres are my playground, I'm a huge shopaholic! SO i thought it only far to show you what i bought, which wasn't much but i really want to share the things i got with you as i love them!

here we go!

Little Haul!

Super Cosy Tights-Primark-£3.50
Everyone at school, bloggers and beauty youtubers seem to love these tights! especially Zoella! So i finally got myself a pair to see what the fuss is all about. They look really cosy with the fleece inside, I'm so excited to try them cause they are really thick and warm but look like normal tights! they are so perfect right now as it has decided to snow like loads, so hopefully these new tights will keep my legs nice and warm!

Triangle Necklace-Miss Selfridge-£5
I love the colours of this necklace and i thought it would look really pretty under the collar of a shirt or a dress. I love that colour metal, that bronze/rose gold colour is just my favourite colour ever! I don't often buy necklaces but i fell in love with this one and it is a bit different for me but i liked that! BUT THE BEST PART! it was £5 in the sale which i thought was reasonable for a necklace, but then i look at how much it was... £16.50! bargain or what?! love sales!

Thousand Kisses Lip Tint + Balm-Rimmel-£4.99 (i think)
I know i said i was doing to get the Revlon Just bitten lip stain but when i tried it on my hand i didn't like how glossy is was and the colour wasn't deep enough for me. So I tried the rimmel lip tint which i had seen before and i love it. The colour is this beautiful deep pink and it lasts ages! Also the lip tint itself isn't glossy, it is a very matte colour, but it comes with a balm that has tiny glitter pigments in for if you want it glossy for going out! It smells amazing as well and i love how it applies. I really recommend this for anyone looking for a lip tint/stain as it really is good and worth the money!

Star Purchase-
Denim Pinafore Dress-Topshop-£38
I wouldn't normally spend that much on one item but I've been wanting a pinafore for a while now and it was one of those item that when you try on you go "OMG i need it." Both me and my friend fell in love with the colour, shape and feel of it. It is really big and baggy so it will go over everything, shirts, jumpers, everything! And the denim is really good and thick so it will last ages and won't rip. I just love everything about it and it is definitely a new favourite outfit, i wore it today with my next blouse underneath and i really liked it as an outfit! love love love love love love love!

Next Time I Will Buy
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat-£4.59-I looked everywhere for this but neither boots nor superdrug had it in stock! I've seen so many pictures of people using it over black nail varnish and it looks amazing. I'm not a big fan of really shiny glossy nails especially over nail art for i think this could be really good!

I also went to lush and bought my sister a tea tree spray and got myself the Lush Times, fair to say i have circled quite a few things and added them to my shopping list!

Leave me a comment telling me what you bought lately or what you plan on buying!

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PS. I promise to do a room tour next week and i think i might change my blog layout a bit so watch this space!

Outfit Of The Day
Topshop pinafore-see above

Song of the day
Pomeii (acoustic)- Bastille

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The clothes that make me happy...

hellllo lovelies!

So i said i would do a wardrobe favourites blog a while back but last weekend i was deciding what to wear and i picked out the blue and white polka dot tea dress i wear pretty much 24/7 and my mum said "you always wear that!" and i replied with "yes, cause it makes me happy!" and it honestly does! every time i wear that dress i feel good and confident. So i thought i would share the clothes in my wardrobe that make me happy!

The Clothes That Makes Me Happy

Day dresses

H&M polka dot tea dress-Like i said, i wear this all the time and I've probably had it for about a year now and it is still being washes constantly! It is just so simple but it always looks really cute. I wear it with woolly tights and either a knitted cardigan or a jumper over the top as the collars look so cute under a jumper. Also on lazy days i don't wear the pull in belt so it is baggier and more floaty but when i go out the belt gives it a really nice shape. For all those people hung up on the "dress=formal" mindset, this is the dress for you! The material is really soft so it just drops unlike a formal dress and the buttons running all the way down really dress it down and make it more casual! I honestly don't know what i would do without this dress, i just wear it all the time and it is just perfect! If i had to choose one outfit to wear for the rest of my life it would be this dress as i think it just defines me as a person and is the cosiest, cutest little dress! I definitely recommend you go get one of these dresses as they still sell them in many pattern! I think i might actually go get myself another 1...or another 100!

New Look red polka dot skater dress-I got this dress last Christmas and it sat in my wardrobe untouched for ages! But then i rediscovered it and now i wear it all the time. The shape is just beautiful and it really flatters my figure (or so I've been told!) I like to wear it with either my woolly cream tights or with skin colour tights and a cream jumper over the top or with no jumper and a collar necklace. It is the perfect dress to either dress up with a necklace and heels or dress down with tights and a jumper but either way i love it! I adore the dark, dusty red colour with the off-white polka dots. I think it gives it a really vintage feel, partnered with my pin-curled hair (tutorial HERE) i feel like I've just stepped out of ballet shoes! The dipped back and brown belt just finish it off.

Primark light greeny/blue over sized knitted jumper-This is the cosiest, warmest thing i own. I wear out with a cute skirt underneath and just around the house with a pair of leggings. I think the colour is just beautiful and so pretty, and the elbow patches just add a little extra! It took me ages to decide on a colour as i like this bluey colour the best but worried about matching, but it actually looks so nice over a pair of light blue jeans as a really simple throw on and go outfit! Primark have had loads of really chunky jumpers this year but i find that a lot of them are really itchy. This one isn't at all! when I'm just sat around at home i wear a vest underneath and it doesn't irritate my arms at all like some knitted jumpers do! It is really soft but super warm so i definitely recommend you get yourself one of these for this ridiculously cold weather we are having here in England!
Primark white knitted jumper-This is a really simple white jumper, not cropped but not over sized. I just sits on your hips and looks reeeeaaallly cute! I love to wear it with dark blue jeans, red lipstick and black brogues. I think it is just so simple but the pattern along the neckline and hems is just adorable and really adds a twist to the jumper! I also wear this jumper over my H&M dress sometimes as the ends stick out a little so it has a really nice shape but still makes you look slim unlike some jumpers!

H&M cropped cream jumper- I think one of these H&M cropped jumpers is essential! I wear it over everything, dresses, skirts, shirts. It is just a really plain cream jumper, short body, long sleeves, really soft. Wardrobe essential and i think it was only £9! My favourite way to wear this jumper is over my H&M dress, my all-time favourite outfit! If you follow my instagram you will probably notice how much i wear it.
Matalan floral t-shirt-I rarely go to matalan as i always think the clothes are more for older women. But i adore this t-shirt, i bought it ages ago and still wear it loads. It isn't sheer but i wear a vest underneath as it is quite see through but the pattern is so cute! And the lace detail at the neckline with the little bow is just adorable! The sleeves are really wide so they fall really flowey and wavy which always looks really nice. I wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and a red/orange chunky knit cardigan.
River Island flower detail sleeveless top-I only bought this a couple of weeks ago in the sale but I've fallen in love! It is really wide so it has a really nice shape to it, and the flower detail is so cute and always looks lovely! So far I've dressed it up with dark jeans and heels and dressed it down with light jeans and a big cardigan. I love how white it is, like a breath of fresh air. Also, it isn't sheer! It is so hard to find nice tops that aren't sheer at the moment, but i have!! ACHIEVEMENT! and it was only £12, bargain!
Shirts-I have two favourite shirts! My black and white new look one which is really thick and isn't sheer! And my next, floral one which has a sheer front and and cotton back. The next shirt is just the prettiest shirt I've ever seen! It has lace around the collars and sleeves and the flowers are so cute. I wear both these shirts under my red jumper! very Wednesday Addams!
Formal Dresses
There was only one choice for this. My topshop red velvet midi body con dress. what can i say?! I am in love. It just fills me with confident and really flatters my shape and always looks amazing. I am forever looking for excuses to wear this beauty!
So they are the clothes i own that make me happy! Leave me a comment and tell we what yours are!
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Have a great week!
much love
Song of the week
the whole of  the Dear album!-Keaton Henson

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Why i love Submarine...


SO, last night i had a chill out night and snuggled on my sofa with a mug of peach tea, a blanket and a good film. I've been wanting to watch this film for ages as i had heard it was really good and it was! So i sat and i watched Submarine. and oh my gosh i just want to watch it 24/7 for the rest of my life. please?

So for those of you that haven't seen this film it is basically about a teenage boy called Oliver Tate who has some pretty weird views on life and is quite odd really! He falls for  a girl called Jordana Bevan after her plan to make her ex-boyfriend jealous leads of a romance with Oliver. They do all the cute couple things like holding hands, giving each other piggy backs, going for walks along the beach, etc etc but Jordana is very distant and when she finally opens up and lets Oliver in he doesn't know how to react to situations he is presented with. Also while all this relationship drama is going on Oliver suspects his mum is cheating on his Dad and drama goes on there. The whole film is the perfect mix of thoughtful deep stuff and comedy. ALSO Alex Turner wrote loads of songs for the film so the music is amazing!

Why i love this film
This film contains little bits of all the things i love-fashion, beauty, music, and things that make me think!

If you're a duffle coat lover, this is the film for you! Both Oliver and Jordana are totally working over-sized duffle coats. I adore Jordana's bold, red coat! It is the perfect twist on a classic and complements her skin tone so well. Oliver keeps his coat more classic. I love how their coats reflect their personality-Oliver's coat is always perfectly done up and neat in the classic navy blue to show his more classic, sensible personality. Whereas Jordana's is never done up and is just thrown on messily to show her more wild personality. Get it? yay!

But it's Jordana that really catches my fashion eye. In many scenes she wears this over sized printed grey jumper with her coat. She always looks so laid back with simple outfits but she has a certain look about her, a certain style so everything she wears looks like a statement, a message. She looks like my grandma, but in a fashionable good way!

Lets all have a moment of silence to take in how amazing Jordana's hair is. Just look at how it frames her face perfectly, emphasises her jaw line and adds a touch of edginess to her look. I will say it again, i wish i had thick, dark brown hair so i could pull off a full fringe, i just love them so much! Massive fringe envy from this film, huge fringe envy!

In terms of make-up Jordana has a simple look. I think it is just a little dark blusher and then eyeliner on the bottom of the eyes. Her whole look is so simple but really defines her eyes, makes them bold, deep and gives them a look of danger. No doubt i will be trying to become Jordana, i love her.

Like i said before Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner provides the soundtrack to the film. His songs match the feel of the film completely and the lyrics just complete it. I like the Arctic monkeys but in moderation, sometimes i find their lyrics a bit bombarding and too swear-filled. But the 5 songs on the Submarine EP are to total opposite. They are fragile, innocent and truthful. I could listen to them all day and still want to listen some more! The five songs are;

Hiding tonight-

Glass in the park-

It's hard to get around the wind-
Stuck on the puzzle-
Piledriver waltz-
Things That Make Me Think
Don't worry! The film isn't all intense and weird but some of the things Oliver says really makes you think! So here is a load of GIFs and quotes and stuff of all the little bits i like!

 Oliver Tate: Ask me how deep the ocean is.
Jordana Bevan: Shut up.
Oliver Tate: Come on, just ask me.
Jordana Bevan: Why?
Oliver Tate: 'Cause I know the answer.
Jordana Bevan: Oh! Do you?
Oliver Tate: Yes, I do.
Jordana Bevan: How deep is the ocean?
Oliver Tate: I'm not gonna say.
Jordana Bevan: I'm brokenhearted.
Oliver Tate: The ocean is six miles deep.
Jordana Bevan: Good.

Oliver Tate: Her new boyfriend has an incredibly long neck. Just thinking about giraffes makes me angry.

I massively recommend this god of a film!
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