Saturday, 29 June 2013

Playlist of the month-June...


It scares me that its almost July, like did I fall asleep for a whole month or what?

The whole of Tom Odell's debut album long way down- I just cant. its. too. good.

Arcadia-Mhairi McDonald- Mhairi is so incredible, why she isn't mega famous yet baffles me!

Opposites-Biffy Clyro- My fave track off the new album, beautiful!

Oh! Darling-Both the Beatles original and tom Odell's cover- Perfect

Songs we wrote when we were drunk- Lewis Watson- My boy has done it again.

All I want (everything everything remix)-Kodaline- So good man!

Love like this-Kodaline- Just a upbeat song, makes me so happy! AND so pumped to be seeing them later this year wooooooooooooo

Don't forget who you are- Miles Kane- I love miles's voice so so so much!

Thinkin bout you-Bastille feat O.N.E (frank ocean cover)- Bastille & frank = PERF

Little Brave- Lucy Rose- I finally got her album after a looooong wait, and this song is perfect!

Letting go-Saint Raymond- I advise you all to stop whatever it is you re doing and go and check callum out, best songs in a while!

California Daze-Peace- One of my fave bands and this song is so chilled

Winter Trees- The Staves- The staves are just genius, love the lyrics of this song!

Big Jet Plane- Lakyn Heperi- I've recently become obsessed with Lakyn, his voice is so unique!

All things must pass- Keaton Henson- An old favourite from my one true love

<iframe src="" width="300" height="250" style="border: 0px none;"></iframe>
<p class="_8t_embed_p" style="font-size: 11px; line-height: 12px;"><a href="">vibes...</a> from <a href="">lucy.harbron</a> on <a href="">8tracks Radio</a>.</p>

I don't have a new artist to feature this month as I've really just been busy with new albums and old favourites! But if you're a musician PLS leave me a comment or post a link on my facebook!

That's all for now folks,
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

How much does your face cost?...


I read this post on the lovely Ellie's blog Ellie etc and thought it was such a nice idea so here you go!

My makeup changes quite a lot depending on outfit and really just how lazy i feel on the day! But for the purpose of this post, I'm going to do my regular school makeup. LETS DO THIS!

Products and cost

Lush tea tree toner-£3.95
Yves Saint Laurent Le teint touche eclat foundation sample (which has lasted me like 2 months now)-Free (woo)
Makeup sponge-£1 in huuuge bag
Collection (2000?) concealer-£4.19
MUA undress me too palette (used for eyes & eyebrows, the shade lavish is perf for brows!)-£4
Topshop cream blush in flush-£6
Clinique high length mascara sample (which I've had for like 3 year like wot.)-Free
Rimmel eyebrow pencil in 001 dark brown-£2.99
Sleek face form palette in light-£9.99
Avon lipstick in pout-£7
White brushes from cath kidston set-£25
I don't think i spend obsessive amounts of makeup, but before i buy anything i trawl the Internet and blogs for reviews so i only tend to buy if I'm confident that it will work and i will love it! So that's my alibi!
How much does your face cost?! Leave me a comment with either the answer or I'd love to read your post so leave me a link!
That's all for now folks remember 10% off at pretty twisted with the code "lucyluce (click the picture in the side bar for a link)
Also what does everyone think of the makeover i gave the blog?! WE LIKE?!
Have a lovely day!
THIS IS SUCH AN INSANE COVER OMG. Mega love to tom Odell and his shiny hair. xoxoxoxox

Sunday, 23 June 2013

My day at pretty twisted...


When I'm older i want to write for a fashion magazine (if i cant be an author of course) so when Kayleigh from my fave shop pretty twisted invited me to come and watch a photo shoot and take some photos and help out i was super happy! So big love to pretty twisted and here's what went down!

 I didn't really know what to expect from the day, I've never been in a photo shoot/work/journalism situation before. But everyone was lovely, the models Katie, Molly and Amy were stuuunnnnninggg, and i actually had the best day!

before the photographer Sally (loved her hair) arrived everyone was so busy laying out outfits, planning shots to show items in the best way, even applying temporary tattoos. Also one of the models, Katie, did every ones makeup and i really enjoyed watching her work, so much effort and precision was put it and everyone looked incredible!

This was also the first time i got to see the Dahlia range which you can find in the oxford street London... and now pretty twisted (eeeck!) and OMG the stuff is flawless, my favourite item was definitely the white lace dress, so pretty!

when the photographer arrived everything started going so quickly! Photos of phone cases, jewellery, even straws were taken as well as the many many many outfits we had selected! The photographers were incredible and it was so nice to watch them work, i especially liked the shots with the spotlight just beautiful! Everything happened so so so quickly and everyone was busy, changing outfits, planning shots, deciding on the next outfit!

There were some beautiful outfits, but my two favourite looks were-

(woren by Amy)
white lace-dahlia (£60)
white rose flower crown-silver lining creations stocked by pretty twisted
This is literally my dream outfit! So summery, but i would actually love it for prom! PERFECT!
(Woren by Katie)
Top-Models own
Skirt-Dahlia (£41)
Shoes-Models own (jeffery campbell Brooklyn T-bar Wedge CRY CRY SO JEALOUS UGH)
Flower crown-Silver lining creations stocked by pretty twisted

I think this is the perfect festival outfit, i heard the photographer describe it as stylish gypsy and i so agree! It got a perfect balance between tough and girly, and those shoes OMG! Lets all take a moment to appriciate how beautiful Katie is!
Overall it was the best day and im sooooo excited to see how the shots turn out! I love pretty twisted so much and im so happy to have been a part of the day, So big love to the girls!

Remember to claim your 10% discount over at pretty twisted with the code "lucyluce"

BTW! Today i wore-
Dress (underneath)-Urban outfitters
Lipstick-Some rubbish one cause my poo of a friend stole mine!


That's all for now folks
Have a lovely lovely day!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My summer plan tag...


England this past week has been SO WARM! It kind of freaked me out so i thought "Lucy, it is time to think about your summer wardrobe plan!" And here is what i decided! I also thought why not turn this into a tag, so if you want to continue the tag leave me a link to your post!

The Playlist
I want a action packed summer so my soundtrack will be some classic indie rock! So think-
  • Oasis
  • The Smiths
  • The Black Keys
  • Foals
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Arcade Fire!
  • And MANY more!
But my ultimate summer song will of course be calling by my boy lewis (WHO I SAW LIVE LAST WEEKEND!)

Just me and my boy being cute xo

The Inspiration
This summer i want to channel some serious 90s, american, festival fash vibes but still remain quite girly! So think Chloe from My Mad Fat Diary/sloane from Ferris Bueler's day off/Cher from Clueless/The HAIM sisters! Oh and also Gabrielle Aplin!

 Can i have a finn please?! PLEASE?!

The Looks
Im hoping this summer will be hot enough for me to live in baggy dresses/cut off shorts/little floral shorts/crop tops! Also co-ords, mini pencil skirts, kimonos are on my wishlist! For shoes t-bar flats and flatforms are top of my list!

Beauty wise im obv sticking with my bright lipstick love but i want to go for more of a red/orange vibe but also i still love my fuschia lip! but the rest im sticking with a pretty chilled out look, pretty natural, just kind of leaving my hair to do whatever it wants! Im hopefully going to try and start to like my stupidly straight hair by channelling queen cara and give my straightners a miss, but i doubt that will happen! OOOO and im also loving blue eyeliner along the bottom waterline!

For accessories im going for floral headbands, statement necklaces, midi rings! Very festival fash!
I tag...
Thats all for now! Remember to claim your 10% discount at pretty twisted (Facebook HERE, shop HERE) using the code lucyluce!

Have a lovely day

Sunday, 16 June 2013

OOTD~Day Trip...


Yesterday i went to london with my fabulous english class to see "to kill a mockingbird" in the regents park open air theatre! I love love love london but when it rains so much the play has to stop half way through not so great but i still love the city, just walking through the streets made me so happy and the clothes, OH MY i love u london!
But anyways im sorry for lack of decent posts but i've been so busy lately! But here HAVE AN OOTD!
OOTD- Day Trip
So i'll admit, two days before the trip i had a little panic cause i didn't have anything to wear. So i got in the car and made a bee line straight to topshop which my purse didnt thank me for but you know #YOLO! (Oh wow)

Joni jeans-Topshop-£36
Necklace-Miss selfrige-£5

I've had my eye on joni jeans for a while but always put off buying them as i tend to find jeans really uncomfortable especially high waisted ones. but OH MY GOD. they feel like a hug, they are so comfy. honestly, yesterday i did 2 four hour train journeys, walked all round london, sat in the rain and i was still so comfortable!

Shoes are my main worry on days out as i want them to look nice but not make me feel like my feet are going to fall off! The white flatforms from topshop always catch my eye but i thought they werent special enough to spend £24 on! So when my mama came home with these £7 primark copies i was like "yeah take that topshop!" and they are suprisingly comfy, again walking round london all day was fine as the flatform provides some padding unlike most primark shoes which have the most pathetic soles ever! Love them!

Thats all for now folks and remember 10% off at pretty twisted with the code "lucyluce" so get buying!
Have a lovely lovely day!
My song of the day is Arcadia by Mhairi Mcdonald link HERE (idk why it wont come up as a video)
Some of you might not know that i want to be a writer, but i do and i wrote a poem based on the song and im really proud of it so i thought why not share?!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Recipe...


A bit different but i really want to start posting some different things and this seemed like the ideal post! So enjoy!
Ingredients you will need!
For the cake (should make between 8-10)-
  • Flat bottomed ice cream cones
  • 100g of margarine
  • 100g of caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 100g of self raising flower
For the icing-
  • 50g butter
  • 100g icing sugar
  • any decorations you want!
Lets do it!
Before you start you want to heat your oven to 180 degrees C (or 350 degrees F its up to you!)
1) Put the margarine and the sugar into a big bowl and cream them together until it is light and fluffy!

2) Beat the eggs then slowly add the eggs and the flower into the bowl a bit at the time mixing it as you go. It's also at this time that i like to add a drop of vanilla essence but you can add what ever you want; coco powder, any colouring or flavouring, WHATEVER!
3) Now you want to pour the cake mixture into your cones. Fill them half way fun then put them into the oven for 20-25 mins!

4) Once they are done you just want to leave them to cool as you make the icing! I like to use butter cream, but you can really decorate them however you want but for this I'll do butter cream!

5) Put the butter and icing sugar into a bowl then either cream by hand or use an electric mixer until it is nice and creamy and yummy! Then depending on how fancy you wanna go you could use an icing bag to pipe the cream on in a swirling pattern to make it look like an ice cream! But i was lazy, so i just spread the cream on and added a little bit of edible glitter for some shine!

And there you are! some cute little cupcakes perfect for tea parties or just for a little treat. They are best to eat the day you make them as the cone is crunchier but the day after is still fine!
Let me know if you make the cupcakes and how they turned out and also if you want more posts like this!
A treat for you all- I've teamed up with my fave shop pretty twisted to bring you a discount! So if you place an order either via facebook (just message them or comment on a photo) or in store if you're local and use the code LUCYLUCE for a 10% discount! YAY!
Find them on facebook HERE!
Thats all for now folks!
Have a lovely lovely day!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Playlist Of The Month-May...


It's that time again, i don't understand how it is June already like what?!

Calling-Lewis Watson- I've been waiting years for my boy to release this song and he obv read my mind! plus i go and see him live again in 7 DAYS DJKNSJKVJK! The video is amazing as well!
Young &Beautiful-Lana Del Rey(the great Gatsby soundtrack) - This song has taken over! it's so beautiful!
Over the love- Florence & the machine (the great Gatsby soundtrack)- Can you tell i love this soundtrack?! BEST THING EVER! and the movie was amazing as well! Flo Mo never disappoints
Breezeblocks- Alt-J- I finally got my hands on the Alt-J album and now I'm re-addicted!
The City-The 1975- This is my jam.
Supposed to be- Tom Odell- Most emotional song ever but dang i love Tom's hair!
The whole of English rain-Gabrielle Aplin- GO AND BUY IT RIGHT NOW.
King City- Swim Deep- The ultimate summer song, i really love swim deep!
Word by Word- Lewis Mokler- Lewis is a new find of mine but this song is stuck in my head!
Paper Knees- The Careful Ones- This song reminds me of Bon Iver and its just beautiful!
Best Of Friends-Palma Violets- This song has been an obsession of mine for so long and i just cant get enough!
Demons-Imagine Dragons- One of my faves bands and you should all go and watch the music video as the end is so beautiful! The description of the video has a link to the video below, a teenage boy called Tyler battling cancer went and saw the band live, the boy recently passed away and imagine dragons are now raising money for his foundation and honestly the video is so touching!

Everything she wants- Saint Raymond- I'm so glad that Lewis chose callum (saint raymond) to be his support as I'm now such a huge fan of his!
You can listen to my play list here!
<iframe src="" width="300" height="250" style="border: 0px none;"></iframe>
This month my featured artist is Jack Campbell a young singer/songwriter. I just love Jack's voice, it has so much emotion behind it which shows through his original songs. Jack also produces and mixes music which he also shares on his you tube. I've been watching Jack's videos for a while now and he just gets better and better and better! So you should all go and check him out!
Find Jack on-
That's all for now folks! I'm sorry if i don't post as often in the next couple of weeks I'm going to be so busy!
Have a lovely day!