Wednesday, 31 July 2013

OOTD-tough chelsea...


Im back from holiday in sunny Spain, I'd like to thank Lucy for being fab while I was gone, how amaze were her posts?! But atm im being lazy and achieving nothing so I haven't finished sorting holiday photos to show you so here have an ootd!

Shorts-River island-£15
nail varnish-model's own indian ocean-£5

 I bought this knitted jacket thing the other day and I love it! I think its really made in Chelsea, reminds me of something millie would wear, but then the leather lining adds a tougher touch so I paired it with my slightly distressed denim shorts and crop top to add more toughness to it. I love this nail varnish as well, I bullied my friend into painting them for me as I don't actually have a really pretty shimmery, almost holographic polish and this ones perfect! I also bullied her into giving me a henna, which I adore, im like praying it doesn't fade! It wraps all the way around my ankle and its lyrics from my favourite song, (Keaton Henson of course) and says "come on baby make me fall in love with you", im thinking of ordering some henna tubes, so you should get used to seeing them aha!

What've you been wearing?

That's all for now folks,
have a lovely day!
I think im going to start adding one of my poems to the end of each post, is that ok?

Monday, 22 July 2013

GUEST POST - daily eyes makeup...

Hello again!
If you have read  my previous post, imagine that I have put on all my face makeup because now imma do eyes...

Daily Eye Makeup: Tutorial


For my eyebrows I use a beauty uk brow pencil which comes with a brow brush. I sketch my eyebrows, not long lines and then use the brush to rub away any visible lines. Next I  use my No7 Lash&Brow Perfector and brush my eyebrows in the opposite direction to which they grow, this gives them a bushier, fuller effect. 


I have only recently bought this eye primer by MUA so I haven't really had long enough to make a decision on it but so far signs are looking good! The primer applies like a lip gloss or a liquid concealer would and I put it all over my eyelids. The primer helps to keep my makeup on for longer and ensures my eye shadow is crease-free. 


Next it's eye shadow. This is the MUA-Undressed palette which I bought at the same time as my eye primer and I really like it. There are a combination of metallics and nudes so my eyes can fit whatever mood or occasion. Normally I'll start by patting shade 1 all over my lid giving me basically a blank canvas. Then using the labelled shade 2 I will also pat that only over 2 thirds of my eye lid starting at the outer corner working my way in. Next I will smudge shade 3 in the outer corner of my eye up to just under half way. I will use shade 4 almost as an eyeliner on the margin of my eye and also put a tiny bit just in the corner and also on my waterline. Finally to make my eyes more noticeable I then go back and use shade 1 on the  inner lid and also on my brow-bone. 


Eyeliner is my favourite thing to use, for me it changes my whole face. I use a gel one and almost always do winged eyeliner. I always do it after my eyeshadow and I think it makes it a whole lot easier because you already have your shape drawn out and just have to fill in the lines, like reverse colouring in. The best tip I've ever gotten for the application of eyeliner is to always take the wing/flick to the direction of the end of your eyebrow, do that and you can't go wrong. BUT just incase you do it's always handy to have some cotton buds soaked in eye makeup remover accessible. 
That's it, all done! This is what I get...
(ooo first time you've seen my face)

Thanks for reading

Sunday, 21 July 2013

GUEST POST - daily facial makeup review...

I'm probably not the Lucy that you were expecting but I hope I'll do just for a little while. Lucy Andrew reporting for duty (was that cheesy? yes. (do I care? no.))

Daily Facial Makeup: Review 
from left to right:
1)Estée Lauder-Face Primer Plus
2)MAC-Select Sheer Pressed Powder
3)Bare Minerals-MultiTasking Concealer
4)Beauty uk-Blush&Brush in Capital pink

1) I use the primer any day that I remember because not only does it help my makeup stay in place throughout the entire day it also feels like silk when I apply it, this means on hot days when I have had a massive breakout I can still apply foundation without feeling totally weighed down!! But... at £22 for 30ml it could be worth shopping around unless your money is burning a hole. 7/10

2) There's not many pros or cons to this, a powder's a powder. We all know MAC renowned for its quality and it doesn't disappoint. The only issue I'm having is that the shade is too dark and so I'm finding the little I am applying just isn't noticeable enough. Again 6/10

3) This concealer is the best ever to be made!! That is a big statement to make I know, but hand on heart it has no flaws. Although it is a little pricey you most definitely get you moneys worth this pot has lasted me since January and I'm not even half way through. Unlike the lipstick concealers and the liquid ones it gives a light, even, natural coverage. 10/10

4) This blusher, honestly, is terrible. The shade is far too bright for me and after application the colour in my cheeks lasts all of 20 minutes. At only £2.99 I wasn't expecting a miracle worker but I should have just paid the extra to get something half decent. 2/10 

That's all I really use on my skin. In conclusion I'd definitely say that when it comes to face makeup pay the extra couple of pounds because it will be worth it in the long run. Tomorrow (or maybe the day after if I'm extra lazy) I will do a daily eye makeup tutorial. How exciting!!

Thursday, 18 July 2013



I left my house. Its a big deal.

England is boiling at the moment, like painfully warm! So me and my friend (I have the funniest friends ever!!) decided we needed a day out, so we all gathered at our local park and went on our adventures. Everyone knows that im a definite introvert and rarely just go out without a purpose, but my goal for the summer is to be a bit more wild, go out, have fun, climb trees! So here's my favourite adventure day outfits, snacks, playlists and just general stuff!

 Im not a massive denim shorts fan unless they are high waisted, and im quite petit around my waist so finding shorts that fit and I like is a struggle, but luckily I found two perfect pairs, and FIRST TIME CROP TOP WEARER OVER HERE! Im a convert. For days out I like to be comfy so I wore my white flatforms from primark which feel like heaven on my feet and wore loose tops so I didn't overheat.

 (Top-H&M-£2.99, Shorts-H&M-12.99, sunnies-Primark-£1)

 (Top-River island sale-unknown, Shorts-River island sale-£15)

Food is vital, food is good. Basically I heart food, especially junky, day out food! My shopping list consists of-
  • Crisps
  • General sweets
  • Ginger beer (LUSH)
  • Cookies
  • Ice lollies
  • Water
For days out I tend to go for indie rock sort of music by artists such as the vaccines, the smiths, Noah and the whale, paramore, arctic monkeys. Swim deep are my favourite summer band, but obv still staying true to my boy Lewis! and as im super nice, I've put together a summer days/nights playlist for all you lovely lot!


  • Try and avoid foundation, in the heat it will leave your skin feeling horrid and will be really cloggy!
  • SUN CREAM. always.
  • pop a mini body spray into your bag so you can just spray yourself if you need a boost in the sun, and the mist will be really cooling!
  • let loose! don't be afraid to be silly, me and my friends play hide in seek!
That's all for now guys, im heading out to Spain for a week so there will be no more post from me, but my friend Lucy (yes we have the same name!) will be taking over for a week, so expect some AMAZING guest posts, she's fab so give her lots of love! and I'll see you in a week!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, 12 July 2013

My top hairstyles...


Im so sorry it's been a while since my last post but im back and ready for action!

I realised I have a couple of hairstyles that I always just change between, so why not share them?!

As a lazy school student I can assure you that none of these hair styles require any effort and take like 10 mins tops?! I also have ridiculously thin, straight hair so I aint gotta bother with any of that blow drying, straightening business, i just dive straight in!
             For each hair style I'll tell you how I do it and what condition my hair is in etc.!
The natural
On days when i've totally given up or if my hair is nice and shiny I just leave it be and try and channel some delevingne vibes! This is best to do on first day hair as it just falls a bit nice and is more shiiiny!

The lazy ponytail
 I normally do this hair style when my hair is too dull to do anything with or if it is really really hot as it just keeps it all off my face! To start I use a texturizing spray to give my hair some volume and also make it a bit messier. Then I tip my hair upside down and tie a pony tail right on the top of my head, then look up and just use my hand to make it a bit looser and messier. AND DONE!

The "i don't even care"
I call this the i don't even care because i literally do nothing! I dry my hair in my usual middle parting, the flip a bit of my hair over as this give my side parting more volume and shape. Then I either tuck it behind my ear and mess it up OR just mess it up with my hands and go! AND DONE!
Messy ends
If I feel like my hair is boring this is my go to style. I use dry my hair then spray the ends with heat protection spray, grab my straightners and just mess up the ends by making parts wavy or curly. AND DONE!
The "Sophie ellson"
I want a fringe that i can part in the middle but im so afraid! And then the new series of Britain and Ireland's next top model (OBSESSED) comes along and introduces me to Sophie ellson. GIRL CRUSH!  I WANT TO BE HER! So instead of going for the cut I loosely pin each side of my hair up and pull the bits forward towards the middle of my forehead in an attempt to look like her! PLEASE comment if you want BINTM and if you think I should of shouldn't go for the cut! 
The headband
Im in looove with my new headband from pretty twisted! I use my straighteners to make my hair slightly wavy then place the headband onto my hair with a bit of hair in front and loosely pin the bits up to give my hair some volume. AND DONE!
And that's basically it! I sometimes try my hand at a messy bun but that rarely works (im such a fail guys!)
That's all for now folks but I wanna share my outfit at the moment with you! The playsuit was £5 from primark last year and i loooove the colours!

Have a lovely lovely day!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

My Day to Night Face...


Sorry for the lack of posts, I was in hell (AKA a geography trip UGH)

But I've been wanting to do a day to night face post for a while so here we are!

So on a regular day I'm up and out to school so I have limited time to get ready. So I'm forced (literally) to keep it simple and neutral. Probably the only effort I put into my school face is contouring with my sleek face form palette which I only do on certain days to shape my ridiculously round face!
(Headband-Pretty twisted-£3.50)

I say night but who are we kidding, I come home and sit on my computer! But on the rare occasion that I do go out I tend to go for either a bright lip or a nude Smokey eye with my MUA undress me too palette! I used the colours naked, shy, lavish, tranquil, wink and obsessed to build up the bronze/gold/brown Smokey eye then drag a wee bit of obsessed along my lower lash line! OOOO

I rediscovered my bargain blue tailored shorts from H&M which I loved oh so much last year and paired it with my topshop sale bargain HURRAY FOR SALES!

Top-Topshop-£20 in sale
Shorts-H&M-£5 in sale
Earrings-Dolls and molls-Present
That's all for now folks
Have a lovely lovely day!