Friday, 30 August 2013

A rush of bravery...


I was impulsive and I did it.

If you're a regular reader you'll know how long I've wanted my hair like this for, I've been bugging my friends about it for month and I finally did it! I took a selection of photos into the hairdressers with me, photos of my girl Gabrielle aplin, alexa chung, Francoise hardy, Sophie from BINTM etc etc and just told them the certain aspects I wanted and this is the result!

Honestly I hated it at first, I cried rather a lot, but then I went back and chopped the length about and I'm very happy with it!
That's all for now folks, but I quickly wanted to share my outfit from the other day cos cute!
 top-Pretty twisted
Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beat the back to school blues...


Summer is nearly over, I can see the day looming, it's time to go back to school UGH. Here's some tips to help you beat that back to school blues that always ruins the last week!
1) Plan plan plan
So in the last week or so you can take one of two paths- You can sit indoors and cry over school, or you can grab your friends and do as much as you can before summer finally ends! End of summer party is a good idea so WHY NOT!
2) Remember that homework...
Oh yeah remember that homework you tried to forget about? Just get it done, it means you'll have less stress and a free weekend before you return.
3) Prepare
What do you need for school? New bag? new skirt? Here's some of my faves...
(Cant handle how cute that scrunchie is)
4) concentrate
I know for me sometimes I struggle with my skin in holidays as I just eat rubbish (and I love it) so the last week is the time to really concentrate on your skin and clearing it up! My previous post was all about skin care so take a look there for my skincare routine!
5) rehearse
Loads of my friends do wake up rehearsals so the waking up ridiculously early on the first day back isn't such a shock, im an early bird so i don't need that woo! BUT I rehearse my first day back makeup/hair and pick inspiration for my beauty "look" (its sad but I love dis stuff!)
This summer I have mastered eyeliner, IT'S OFFICIAL. so this year im defos challenging the "Louise Thompson" look with thin, slightly winged out eyeliner! YAY (I just love made in Chelsea)
I prefer to practise and perfect my back to school look as I think it just gives me a confidence boost as first day of term can be quite nerve racking!

6) Accept it
Sure its the end of summer, but its not the end of the world! So don't cry over it when so so so much is to come! Hundreds more days of all different kinds so look forward to things to come instead of being down about summer ending!

I hope you all have a good first day back at school/uni/work whatever!

That's all for now folks sorry for hardly posting, im lazy!
Have a lovely lovely day!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My Skincare Routine...


I went to Spain last month and it RUINED MY SKIN (seriously) so when I got home it was time to finally get myself a full skincare routine and to stick to it! So that's what I did and it really has been working so time to share it with you babes!

First things first I wash my face with the freederm sensitive facial wash-£6.29. It's bad to use an exfoliating wash on your face daily as it causes your skin to panic and make even more oil which you don't want! So I use this wash as it is really nice and soothing and leaves my skin feeling lovely, and its pink so BONUS!

Just before I put my makeup on I put the freederm perfecting moisturiser on-£6.49. Honestly I never really used to moisturise, only when I felt my skin needed it. But since using this daily I've noticed such a change and my skin feels amazing! Also it really helps my makeup glide on better and stay longer so woo!

When I remove my makeup I use Primark's tea tree cleansing wipes-two packs for £1 (bargain!) I use these as they are really light and aren't too harsh on my skin and also the tea tree gives my skin a little boost. They remove eye makeup really well also and aren't too wet. I really do recommend these as for the price they are amazing value!


This is my favourite part of my skincare routine! Just before I go to sleep I apply the freederm overnight clearing serum-£6.49. It soaks in really quickly so you don't go to bed with a sticky face (vom) and it is really moisturising. But mainly it works! Redness is reduced overnight and I have seen results continuously! WOO FOR FREEDERM!

Honestly I was a bit nervous about spending all this money on the freederm range as I thought it would be one of those things that claims loads but doesn't deliver, but I've been really impressed by the results and I would recommend it to anyone that battles to keep their skin clear like I do!

I try and use this once a week but I'm lazy so lolllls! this must be like my third pot of the lush mask of magnamity-£5.25 Me, my mum and my sister all use this and ugh I JUST LOVE IT! It smells amaaazing and as it's minty it just feels really cooling and fresh on my skin. Also when I wash it off I like to really scrub my face with it to use it as an exfoliator as well as the particles in it are the perfect size to not be too abrasive on my skin. Using this has really helped my skin as I have quite oily skin, but if you're looking for a good face mask lush make so so so so many and everyone in stores are really helpful and truly know their stuff, so I really recommend just going to your closest store and asking them any questions you have about the best products for your skin as they are always so helpful!

Sticking to this routine has improved my skin so so so so much and I've only been using these products for less than a month and I already see results to the point where I'm now pretty confident to go out without a full face of makeup!

Another thing that has helped my skin loads is just having a couple of makeup rest days, what is the point in putting makeup on, which will clog up your pores, when you're just lounging round the house? So when you aren't doing anything, wipe your makeup off and give your skin some time to breathe! Trust me it will help!

Bare face Lucy oh em gee.
So that's what i do to try and keep my skin clear, what do you do?! Leave me a comment telling me your saviour products, or a link to your blog post on it!
That's all for now folks
Have a loooovely day!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

OOTD-Pow Pow Lips...


It was my big sister's 18th birthday two days ago and we had a little party so I thought I would share my outfit with you as I liked it a lotttt! I know I do a lot of these sort of posts but idk, do you like them?!
I started off this outfit with two really simple pieces-The stripy t-shirt and denim pinafore so I decided to get a SUPER bright lipstick to add some excitement to the outfit and keep the rest pretty neutral apart from that pop of colour.

Lipstick-Topshop "infrared"-£8
Nails-Asda "fortune teller"-£1.75

 I was really nervous about trying this lipstick as it looks really orange and daunting but once applied I really loved the colour and it really is the perfect red/orange colour. Also I love my nude nails, this asda polish is rubbish really and although it says quick dry it isn't and it chips and peels really quickly so I wouldn't recommend it but if you have the patience to wait for it to dry totally, it is a really nice colour and is very shiny and glossy and cheap!

Tell me what you've been wearing lately in the comments!

That's all for now folks,
Have a lovely lovely day

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Summer to autumn wishlist...


Its officially August and everyone knows august is the Sunday of summer so it's time for me to get thinking about getting things that can move from one season to another, here's my wishlist...


 #1- A pair of good sturdy shoes...
left to right-

I really need a good pair of shoes that are going to be comfy for the rest of summer and then going into autumn winter so I figured something with cut outs will still look nice in all seasons. These four are my favourites but I really can't decide! Let me know which ones you like best.
#2- Bold lipsticks...
 We all know I love lipstick and I'm lusting after these two! The Kate moss matte lipstick in 107- not sure of price and topshop infrared- £8 are just stunning! And I think they will both transfer seasons well. The topshop red-orange will obviously look so good in the remains of summer but then I think it will just add a pop of colour to my more dull autumn outfits (cry for autumn), and the Kate moss lipstick will add some depth and a vampy look to my summer outfits then look so chic in autumn with my big coat oooooo

#3-Cute knitwear...


 I cant even handle how cute this topshop jumper (£34) is. it would look so good over my high waisted denim shorts for the rest of summer as it is slightly cropped, and then over jeans in autumn. SO CUTE I CANT EVEN (and it comes it pink djkvnkvj)

#4 flower crowns...
As a self confessed flower crown addict I need a autumn crown. I love this one by silver lining creations stocked at pretty twisted (10% off with the code lucyluce, you're welcome xo) because the colours are a bit deeper so are perfect for autumn but it would still look so cute with my shorts. Also it's big so it will add a nice touch to dull autumn outfits and it would match my coat so well YAY.

#5- Pretty much the entire primark a/w13 collection...

Can we take a moment please. OH MY LORDY I LOVE IT. I want one of these pastel pink coats so bad its killing me! I think primark have really upped their game this coming season wow (well if the material is good, FINGERS CROSSED) I also love that tartan baby doll dress as it would still look so grungy and cool in summer as well as autumn/winter, same with the coats if it was chilly I could just throw it over anything at anytime PERFECT! Can't wait to get down there and have a looky when they arrive oooo!

#6-Some bravery...

I. WANT. A. PARTED. FRINGE. HELP. ME. I'm too scared but kvjdfkvjjn I want it :(( what do you guys think? Yes or no?

What's on your summer to autumn wishlist? Leave a comment xo

 That's all for now folks,
have a lovely lovely day

Sunday, 4 August 2013

50 facts about me...


I've been a really rubbish blogger lately but hey ho im sorry! A lovely girl on instagram asked me to do the 50 facts about me tag thingy so here you go!

1) my name is Lucy and I like to pretend that I was named after the Beatles song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" but I wasn' parents just liked the name (dull.)
2) when im older I don't want to be anything but a writer.
3)I love music and im constantly making playlists for days out or just lounging around.
4)im in love with Lewis Watson and Keaton Henson to the point you don't even understand.
5)im currently 2 weeks into my summer holiday and I really don't want to go back to school.
6)when I go back to school i'll be in year 11 (or 10th grade)
7)my favourite subjects are art, English and RS and my least favourite are French, science and maths.
8)I love to read as well as write.
9)some of my favourite books include the fault in our stars and perks of being a wallflower (oh god that's so unoriginal ahahah)
10)I follow like a zillion poetry accounts on instagram and I love reading everyone's stuff.
11)im obsessed with cara delevingne and Gabrielle aplin.
12)my favourite TV shows are Britain and Irelands next top model (please comment if you watch it, I NEED DISCUSSION), glee, new girl and two broke girls.
13)I watch a lot of films and my favourites are 500 days of summer, ferris bueller's day off, nowhere boy, submarine, breakfast at tiffany's and the breakfast club.
14)my room is never massively untidy and I have major OCD about everything being in the right place.
15)im pretty shy until I get used to you, then you will never get me to shut up.
16)I cant smile in photos, they always end up like this...
17)I really like hennas and I would like a tattoo when im older but only a really small subtle one.
18)I spend a lot of my time watching youtube videos, A LOT.
19)finding new music makes me really happy.
20)I hate kindles so so so so much.
21)I get cold really easily.
22)the fact my prom is less than a year ago excites me so so so much.
23)I really want to get my hair done by bleach London and stalk their instagram daily.
24)my favourite song changes daily so never ask me what It is.
25)I just really love shopping.
26)I take far to many selfies, and if you give me your phone you will end up with like 100 photos within 10 minutes.
27)pretty much everything scares me, especially dying...and childbirth...and everything else.
28)I get bored really easily and im constantly wanting to changing things in my life but im too scared.
29)im too afraid to cut my hair.
30)I have over 2000 songs on my iPod.
31)I would kill for bigger eyebrows, GROWWWWWW!
32)im very uninteresting.
33)putting my makeup on is probably the highlight of my day (apart from food)
34)I really love food,
35)my dream house would be really big and have a library...IN A TOWER.
36)wooden floors and big windows make me happy.
37)I wish I had a really nice accent but I don't (cry).
38)I really wanted the royal baby to be a girl only because I wanted to see her in princess costumes.
39)I really want a record player so I can buy vinyl's of my favourite albums.
40)the great Gatsby was one of the best films I think I've ever seen.
41)these facts are extremely boring.
42)I wish I was more adventurous but im quite self-conscious so get put off.
43)I love rollercoasters and Disneyland is heaven.
44)I would secretly love to be a model but scndkln my face.
45)my friends make me laugh so much and I love them all.
46)I cant wait for October/November as im seeing Kodaline and Gabrielle aplin WOO
47)I really want to have a book published before I can drive.
48)I like the idea of orange lipstick but im too much of a wuss.
49)I honestly have no idea what im going to do when my sister goes to uni.
50)facts are hard.
I want to know some facts about you so leave 3 facts about yourself in the comments or leave a link to your 50 facts about me post!
That's all for now folks,
have a lovely lovely day!