Tuesday, 17 June 2014

OOTD Diary Revisited...

Looking back at my blog it makes me realise just how much I've changed and how I put together an outfit has changed. So I set myself a challenge of taking key pieces from an old ootd diary and putting together an outfit of how I'd wear it today!

HERE is the original ootd diary
Dress-New look
The first thing i realise is jeeeeez my blog photography was baaaaad! The second thing I realise is that i think now I dress much much simpler. Accessories kinda stress me out so the idea of wearing the amount of rings I used to wear makes me a little uncomfortable! Finally I notice that now I wouldn't wear the belt. Truthfully I think that's because I was way waaaaaay more body confident back then and I was all like "ooo look at ma waist" whereas now I'm more focused on elongating my legs so I think these knee socks are super cute!
White vest-idek
cream jumper-H&M
Lipstick-Topshop "infrared"
 I never never wear these trousers as I used to think they were unflattering but I think with some wedges to make me a little taller they're actually really nice, they make me look so grown up! Might have to start wearing these again. I even like how I wore them back in the day.
Top-river island
I still totally love this top. I think the cut is so lovely and simple just beautiful. I don't think I'd ever wear it like I did before simply because I think a piece as nice as this top deserves more than just to be thrown over some jeans with a cardi.
This dress ahhh I still love it (im wearing it right now awks). Again I don't wear the belt as im not a big fan of my waist, but I still wear this dress to death. I wouldn't put it with classic red lips as I feel like its a bit obvious so I tend to just wear it really simple on its own.

Cream jumper-H&M
cream shirt-Next
black jeans-H&M
green jumper-H&M
white top-primark
 I wouldn't wear that much cream now, im tooooo pale it washes me out. So now I still like the whole shirt under crop jumper thing but im more likely to stick to a pop of colour. And sadly the next shirt no longer fits me (RIP)

velvet dress-topshop
baggy pinafore-topstop
tighter pinafore-primark
wedges-as before

Now I tend to just keep this dress for special occasions cause its so lovely! Honestly, It does make me feel quite self-conscious though about my shape. But I also like it under my tighter pinafore as i don't think it smothers the velvet as the pinafore is much more simple than the baggier topshop one.
And that's it! How has your style changed over the years?
Hope you have a lovely lovely day


Friday, 13 June 2014


Hi my name is Lucy and I'm a YouTube addict. I just cant stop! Any second of spare time is spent searching "get ready with me" videos, watching and rewatching vlogs, and ermm angry spoken word poems (I love them ok?!)

Not only are the videos extremely entertaining, but I'm just in awe of the people. Girls who have managed to turn their passions into full time jobs- zoella, velvetgh0st, viviannadoesmakeup, lily pebbles, beautycrush, fashionrocksmysock to name a few. SO MANY women who inspire me so much and who all know how to carry themselves in a way to make businesses want to work with them while remaining so lovely and relatable.

The point I'm trying to make is that I'm really considering starting a youtube channel for many reasons-
1) I have a 10 week summer ahead of me that I really want to fill with a project as I'm going to have A LOT of spare time.
2)I love video editing and creating things (like my blog) and it just looks super fun!
3) I just feel like I want to give it a ago and see where it could take me, as watching a video is way more accessible to people that searching around for my little blog.
However I'm a very shy person. So people at school coming up to me and making comments or even just asking about my blog makes me want to hide. And I'm not sure why when I'm so ridiculously proud of my little blog, its my baby. But for some reason I feel like people judge me, when in reality the only opinions that should matter are those of the people I love and they all like it! Do any of you other bloggers get that sort of timid feeling? And with YouTube it seems to be a lot easier to stumble across a video, which in some way would be great as it would increase views, but I still have this worry that people I know would make comments? You get what I mean?
But you as my readers (my fave people) are the most important here!
Would you want me to start a youtube?
Would you watch? and if so what would you want to see?
Please please please comment or tweet me or comment on an instagram picture if you want me to as im in such a dilemma! And if you have a youtube channel or are thinking of starting one, tweet me and we can all discuss! PLEASE! You guys opinions really matter cos I love you!
Also expect lots of posts because....EXAMS ARE OVER WOOO (well minus general studies but that requires no revision so WOOO!) Anyone else finished? If you have WELL DONE! if you haven't YOU CAN DO IT!
Hope you're having a lovely lovely day

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Day In Photos~10/6/14...

Honestly life on study leave is straaange! I feel as though I've entered 'the real world' as I'm left to cook and run errands and basically take part in the hunger games (I'm kidding). I've been pretty busy actually, fitting in revising, trying to blog more (which I'm loving!), rushing to and from school for revision sessions and exams, doing jobs for my mama and trying to hold onto a social life!

As my life has been a tad more interesting I thought I'd starting doing "my day in photos" posts every now and then! First one starts...now!

Good Morning Sleepy Head
~wakey wakey~homemade pancakes and a smoothie~10 things i hate about you (bestest film)~face mask~
Can't Stay In PJs All Day
~too much to choose~outfit planning~inspo from Chung (aka the bible)~moi (top-new look,lipstick-topshop "beguiled",skort-primark,shoes-new look)~

To Work
~to do list~quick twitter browse (I'm @lucyharbron)~math math math cry~guitar jams~

Domestic Godess
~afternoon errand running~quick trip to yarm~boy face is king of icing~cuppy cakes~
Chillllllll Out
~made in Chelsea catch up (I'm addicted!)~night time read~ 

That was my day! What've you all been up to?

Hope you have a lovely lovely day

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My favourite nails products...


I only have two exams leave (PARTY PARTY PARTY) Anyone else doing exams? YOU'VE NEARLY FINISHED WE CAN DO THIS, THINK OF SUMMER!

I'm on study leave so I have quite a lot of free time so I've had time to do stuff like paint my nails! So I thought I'd share my fave polishes and nail stuff with you!

Over my years I seen to have acquired a large hoard of nail stuff, but I have certain colours and trends I always seen to go for.

I love how sleek a french manicure can look so when i have looaads of time (it takes me quite a while) I like to use one of the many kits I have as it looks so simple and matches everything and just looks so classic. I'm not really into acrylics so I always just paint the white tips onto my natural nail.
17 (Shade unknown)
George-fortune teller
Minnie couture-13
I love nude/pinky nails that blend in with my skin or are really subtle. The champneys nude shade is a block colour more pinky nude but it is so glossy and looks so flawless. Whereas the Minnie couture polish (possibly my favourite, possible prom nails?) is a beautiful shimmery almost metallic pale pinky/silvery/bluey nude but is still really subtle. It looks beautiful.

The George polish is a pure beige nude. Its quite hard to apply but its really cheap and looks really nice on!

Rimmel matte top coat
miss sporty metal flip polishes
nail art pens-ebay

If I want more colour on my nails or something a little fancier I reach for one of these. The miss sporty polishes are amaaazing! They apply really well and don't chip but also the metallic effect is so beautiful. I've found applying the matte top coat over the top seems to give them a leather effect that I also like.
The champneys polish is a deep plum/burgundy which just like the nude is so glossy and lovely.
Topshop's tidal is a matte grey/blue which I used to death and I really need to repurchase!

If I'm feeling fancy I love doing evil eye nail art, for my tutorial click HERE its super easy!

glitter polish-H&M
For parties I like this glitter polish. The glitter is really chunky and its easy to build up to completely cover the whole nail. With a top coat over none of the glitter falls off so it can stay in tact for a long time. However it takes a lot of effort to remove, but I think its worth it.

champneys-nail polish collection
shades-mulberry, ruby, chestnut, mocha, nude, topcoat&base coat
I adore this set. Every shade is so beautiful and once dry they're so glossy and look so flawless and professional. They take quite a while to dry but the result is definitely worth the wait. There's a nice mix for shimmery and pure shades so I massively recommend this set.

bourjois-magic nail polish remover
ITS A GIFT FROM GOD! I don't know how I lived without it and I don't plan on going back there. It is the future. It just makes life so easy ahhh

And that's about it! What are your favourite nail varnishes, brands and colour trends?

Hope you're all doing well, and remember to follow me on twitter and instagram!
have a lovely lovely day

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Nicky Clarke ceramic waving wand review...


For a girl with painfully straight thin hair I'm constantly searching for ways to create the perfect beachy waves I long for. And after seeing this magic wand-Nicky Clarke ceramic waving wand- featured in the bible (company mag) next to a picture of god (Ashley Olsen) promising the holy grail (dishevelled waves) I knew I needed my hands on it! And guess what I unwrapped on my birthday, THANKS MUM I LOVE YOU!

So it’s been over 2 months since so I thought I’d give you a review and let you know how I’ve been getting on with my mission to gain my dream hair!

So when I first used the wand my thought was “wow this is soooo quick and so easy!” (Honestly!) The wand heats up to a top temperature of 200°c so you reaaally don’t want to burn yourself on this bad boy and heat protection spray is a must! But this high temperature means that the waves for really quickly, so you don’t have to stand there holding your hair on the wand for ages, it takes like 5/10 seconds! And as the temp is so high you can do larger sections of hair at a time as the heat gets to it all, so again its super quick and easy to wave all your hair. I was surprised how quick it heats up as well, so for me this wand is perfect for busy mornings before school as its quick to heat up and only takes like 5/10 minutes to do my whole head of hair. IDEAL!

The wand is designed to stop you getting perfectly-uniformed curls and is definitely more for the beachy waves look as the wave itself is a wavy shape (so hard to describe) so the size and shape of the waves changed.

The first time I used the one I kinda hated the look, not gonna lie! I thought it was “too” wavy, but I find brushing the waves out a little after makes them settle down into lovely soft waves. And changing the amount of hair in the sections I used lets me change the look so much. I’ve been using the wand for everything! From subtle, soft waves from the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair, to super beachy waves, to really sleek, vintage inspired pin curl/finger waves. For one little wand I’ve managed to create so many looks.

This is the waves loosely brushed out

This is the waves when you use big sections of your hair
My big issue has always been getting waves to stay in play with my ridiculously thin hair. The bane of my existence is curling my hair and then getting to school to find the curls have dropped leaving my hair flat and lifeless. Did this wand create lasting waves…? YES IT DID! WOOO! I can wave my hair on a morning and they’ll still look exactly the same on the evening, even without hairspray! Some days the waves even survive overnight and I'm left with some fabulous second day hair. I think as the wand heats up so high, it makes the waves super long lasting. And I'm bloody happy about it!

Wanna hear the biggest shock? The wand cost £20! Seriously! That's so cheap compared to other wands, and honestly for the quality this wand is a mega bargain as other wands I've seen cost £100 and over, which is lot of money. So yaaay pretty hair and money to spare!
I give Nicky Clarke's ceramic waving wand a 9/10. As it works so well and it is super quick and easy to use, but I do wish the wand was slightly wider so the waves were a little bit bigger. But you can achieve that look still but using larger hair sections, so either way I heart you Nicky Clarke and your waving magic wand!
Defos recommend this wand, but let me know if any one has any amazing tricks or products for creating waves on straightway.
Hope you all have a lovely lovely day!