Sunday, 29 March 2015

Solo Styles Vintage & Crafts Fair...

Today I went to a vintage and crafts fair run by Solo Styles in my home town of Stockton. And it was truly amazing!

The event was held in a relatively small hall, but there was plenty packed in to see and buy so me and my driver (my sister) had a good look around. We arrive about half an hour after the event had begun and it was already so busy with big queues at several stalls. There was a real sense of community as people chatted and looked around, with a constant stream of people arriving. It was amazing to see so many people so interested in the stalls and the local businesses being showcased.

There was quite a few stalls selling some really cute home decoration but me and my sister both loved was Bunting Corner which sold not only bunting but little bags, purses, pillows and much more. My sister is obsessed with bunting so obviously she loved this stall, and i thought the little bags and purses were super cute! Perfect gifts!

Find Bunting Corner on Etsy HERE  and on Facebook HERE

Another favourite stall of ours was Oh, For Hooks Sake (brilliant name!) which sold lot of cute crocheted things. I fell in love with the crocheted bunny face in the photo frame, so so cute! While my sister liked the little bow necklaces. Once again these would be the perfect gifts as everything was just so beautifully and carefully made. There's something so special about handmade things!

Find Oh, For Hook's Sake on Etsy HERE and Facebook HERE

As well as clothes, jewellery and home wear there was also several stalls selling food! One stall run by house of chocolate sold chocolate houses, chocolate cupcakes and even a chocolate train it was amazing, and really made me crave some chocolate. But there were other stalls selling home-made jams and even fresh, home-made bread and scone which me and my sister were drooling over, they looked incredible!

Find House of Chocolate on Facebook HERE

It was such a lovely event organised by such lovely people. Big thank you to Lucy and Sophie for allowing me to be involved!

Find Solo Styles on Facebook HERE

Remember to keep an eye out for any vintage fairs in your area as its so important to support local businesses and you never know what treasures you'll find!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

1 Jumper, 2 Outfits...

You know when you buy a new item of clothing and you totally forget about everything else you own? Yeah that's happened.

I've been lusting after a high neck jumper for so long and I finally found the perfect one in H&M, and since I've worn pretty much nothing else. Its so versatile but I thought I'd show you two of the many outfits I've styled this jumper with.

Jumper- H&M
Coat- Tesco
Jeans- H&M
Hat- Primark
This is such a ridiculously simple outfit but I love it. This jumper is such a simple, easy piece to style as it really goes with everything, but the high neck adds a little extra. I added the hat as it makes me feel like a witch from american horror story coven which is always a good look.

Coat and jumper as above
Shoes- New Look
 This outfit is slightly more put together and 'sophisticated'. I really love pairing the slouchy jumper with this tight skirt as I think the two shapes balance each other out and just look nice together. This is the sort of outfit that I love to wear to college as it looks good but has taken 0 effort.

This outfit was totally inspired by the Goddess that is Gabrielle Aplin as I love her outfits, especially these two where she pairs big jumpers with tight skirts. I honestly think Gabrielle is so underrated in the fashion world.

I love finding pieces like this that are so easy to style and versatile, it makes life so much easier!

What was the last thing that you bought?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

College Morning Routine ~ How I Choose My Outfits...

I cant be the only one that finds getting ready for school/college really stressful right? Having to pick out an outfit, do make-up etc etc and all under a time limit really stresses me out! But slowly I've figured out a system which I thought I'd share with you to help make your mornings go a little easier.

I listen to music constantly on a morning, when I'm brushing my teeth, when I'm getting ready, when I'm eating breakfast. It sets my day off, and always influences what I choose to wear. If I'm listening to more rock music, or more acoustics music the influence always seems to seep into my outfit. This particular morning I was listening to Gabrielle Aplin as I will never ever tire of her voice and I was feeling super chilled.

An essential step when getting ready- LOOK OUTSIDE. I need to check what the weathers like so I can dress somewhat accordingly, I don't want to put on a super cute shirt then it get rained on or have to cover it up with a coat unexpectedly. So I always look out the window or check the weather app on my phone, but most days I'll just yell "mum what's the weather going to be like today?" because mum's know everything.

If I'm still not sure what to wear I'll usually flick through a book or a magazine for some inspo. I always reach for Alexa Chung's 'IT' as Alexa Chung is a queen and will always inspire me. But I also have a maaaassive collection of company magazines and vogues to look through. If this fails then I'll look through my phone as I'm constantly saving outfit photos or pictures to inspire me.

 Finally I'll motivate myself enough to get off my bed and actually choose an outfit.

The three main things I think of when choosing out an outfit are-
  1. Is this clean? yes? proceed
  2. Am I going to be comfy in this? yes? good good, no? is it cute enough that the pain is worth it?
  3. Is this suitable? weather? school appropriateness?

 And then the outfit is done!

Striped T-shirt- Topshop
Jumper- H&M
Jeans- H&M
Coat- H&M
On this day I was feeling super lazy but still wanted my outfit to be nice, so I went for a layer t-shirt/jumper combo with my burgundy boyfriend coat thrown over the top for a pop of colour and some warmth. I love wearing this t-shirt under this simple jumper, I just think it looks so cute and makes it all a bit more interesting.

I then paired this with my black cut-off ankle boots.

 After I've chosen my outfit, i move onto makeup. Normally at this point i text my friend Lucy as say "I'm wearing... what makeup look?" and she will style me as she's a fashion goddess. But if I'm feeling lazy and running out of time I'll just got for a simple, natural look.

I did a full post all about my go-to makeup looks, you can read it HERE

Once my makeup is done I'm normally running really late so i grab my bag and head off to college...

 How do you choose your outfits each morning?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Everything Seems Brighter...

A lot of negative things happened around me in the past months involving issues with friends, college, heartbreak blah blah.

Truthfully I wasn't happy at all, it felt like I'd fallen into a sort of calm constant sadness that just lingered. It was so consistent that I don't think I really noticed it slowly fading away until now.

I wrote this journal entry the other day-

"Everything seems brighter.

I'm used to sleeping again and my dreams and vivid and happy (and weird).

Mornings don't feel as dark any more, I seem to find myself smiling at the calender and leaving my bed is no longer such a chore.

I love my family and I love my true friends and I love all the nice, inspiring, interesting people I'm meeting and I love so many things happening around me and slowly I'm starting to love myself a little more.

I'm sleeping well and just trying to stay positive and balanced, but today I feel happy and that's enough"

Its really super cringy but I don't think I realised until I wrote it how happy I'd become, and for the first time in so so long I feel the sort of pure, healthy happiness that isn't reliant on a person or a hope.

I realised that as much as bad things were happening around me...
  1. those things didn't define me, Although bad things were happening to me, they weren't me and I shouldn't let them control me.
  2. If I looked close enough, just as many good things were happening around me.
I realised that just as I was losing friends (who clearly weren't worth having), I was making and building on new friendships, just as I was feeling unmotivated and unhappy in college, new opportunities were opening up to me. I realised that everything wasn't as hopeless as it felt, and i could choose to concentrate on the good things.

In terms of heartbreak I finally feel healed. I don't think you can ever truly forget how much someone hurt you but I feel good, I feel better. At the weekend I had a lovely catch up with an old friend and for the first time in ages I felt like myself, I felt like I'd grown and become stronger and happier. Sadly my friend is going through a breakup at the moment and listening to her talk and giving the best advice I could made me realise that everything is a learning experience and I think (I hope) I've really learnt a lot. So now onwards and upwards.

(this post is honestly so cringe I apologise)

The past months have taught me that the healing process is hard! Its full of build ups and knocks down, and sometimes it feels like you're never going to be happy again and sometimes it just feels endless. But I've learnt that it's hard, but gradually you become okay again. Better than okay, you become happy, you become stronger and you become much more aware of the good things.

I realised how thankful I am for the little things-

For my best friends morning texts to ask how I'm feeling and always being there to listen to me rant or cry, for my mother always being there when I get in from a bad day and always having good advice, for new friends who accept you, for good days that come unexpectedly, for the Grease soundtrack, for people who ask you if you're okay when you're feeling a little down, for sleeping in, for calm movie nights, for nights with no homework, for exciting nights out with new friends, for live music, for times that really really make you laugh, for the new Taylor swift album and the song "clean", for friends who make you playlists, for friends who send you motivating quotes, for friends that offer to hang out when you need to get out of the house, for friends that understand, for old friends, for new friends, for friends in general, and family.


Really I feel refreshed. I feel happy and I really hope you do too. And if not, you will one day soon, it'll be okay.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

My Top 4 Make-up References...

Each day when putting on my outfit and deciding on a make-up look, i try to work who "who i want to be" and usually turn to a set cast of people for inspo when it comes to deciding. I've talked about my fashion icons a lot, but here my top 4 people to reference for make-up looks...

Francoise Hardy is an absolute goddess and clearly her make-up look (and generally all round style) is perfection so i often try to channel my inner Francoise when getting ready. Her look is so simple yet classic and perfectly pulled off. 

I attempt to recreate this iconic look by keeping my face make-up super simple and my winged liner very sharp and graphic. I think the key to this look is to keep your face looking very natural so you don't look overdone, effortless is essential! But also playing around with the shape of your eyeliner so it suits your face shape, different styles of liner look best on different people so it just takes practise.

But really, winged eyeliner is always good for any occasion or outfit, its so classic you really cant go wrong.

For days when i don't really have time or just really cant be bothered to battle with getting my liner equal, i always turn to spidery doll lashes. Jane Birkin is iconic in so many ways but for me her make-up is so beautiful, playing up her eyes in such a simple, yet effective and gorgeous way. This look is perfect on days when I'm feeling a little worn out as it makes your eyes look so wide and awake.

Sadly i don't have a decent photo of this look, but i recreate it by using a brown eyeshadow to slightly define my crease and add some depth to the look, and then a LOT of bottom lash mascara. I also like to use a liquid liner to add tiny little lines on my bottom lash line to mimic thicker lashes and give that doll-like effect. Super easy, super cute.

Oh yeah and obviously Twiggy is always good to reference for this look, duh

Lorde manages to pull of a dark, bold lip so nonchalantly. I think a dark lip can sometimes look too harsh on pale skin but Lorde makes it look so so good. I think the key is keeping everything else simple, Lorde's skin always looks so dewy and her eye make-up is always very simple so she doesn't look too overdone and the bold lip stands out. 

This is such an old photo wow, but I'd recreate Lorde's look with my favourite wine lipstick Topshop's Beguiled, pairing it with fresh skin, a slightly shimmer eye-shadow and a bit of black liner to define my eyes. If you don't have much time a bold lip is a super easy way to make your make-up look more impressive and put together so Lorde is always good to reference.

I think I'm in love with Clemence Poesy, she's so ridiculously beautiful sigh. Her skin and bone structure and just general face is so beautiful she doesn't even need make-up but sadly i was not blessed with that natural glow, so i gotta fake it till i (hopefully) make it.

Another super old photo wow (how long was my hair?!) Obviously glowy skin starts with good skin care, but for make-up its all about keeping it looking super natural. So making sure your foundation and concealer match perfectly is so important! I use the Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation to make my skin look more illuminated and then the collection concealer to conceal nastiness. I also like to use a slightly bronzy eye-shadow to add some warmth to the look. As this make-up look is so simple its so so quick so this is often my go-to for college days when I'm feel lazy.

Sometimes less is more and its good to let your skin breathe so if you're confident enough, recreate Clemence's look by just abandoning make-up all together!

So they're my top 4 people to reference for make-up inspo, who are your beauty icons?

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Soundtrack ~ February...

Music is a massive part of my life so i thought I'd continue this series if that's ok?

Here's what I've been listening to in February!

The Balcony ~ Catfish and The Bottlemen

I've been loving this album since its release back in September, but this month i couldn't get enough of it! Its just an all-round incredible indie rock album, with amazing guitars and great lyrics. Each song feels like a story which i always love in an album, and i really really fancy the lead singer, Van McCann so that's a bonus! My favourite song of the album is definitely Homesick, i will never tire of that song.

listen to-Homesick, Pacifier, Business and Cocoon

Unguarded ~ Rae Morris

I've been a fan of Rae's for so so long, since stumbling across a session she did for Watch Listen Tell years ago. I've followed her music for ages and finally her debut album has arrived and it certainly hasn't let me down. The feel of each song is so different from the last that i could listen to this album on repeat and never get bored, the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful and Rae's vocal ability just blows me away! I got super sentimental (and maybe had a little cry) when i first listened to the album version of Dont Go- the first song i heard of Rae's- its still so beautiful and ahhh i love that song! i could sing along to this album forever and i intend to.

Listen to- Under The Shadows, Dont Go, Morne Fortune, and Not Knowing

The Last Five Years Soundtrack

Musicals are my guilty pleasure, i love them so much. I recently watched the new film of the last five years with Anna Kendrick in it (who i looove) but the original Broadway soundtrack is so much better. The musical tells the story of a couple, watching them live together etc and then slowly showing their marriage fall apart, leading to a totally devastating ending (i cried). So obviously each song is crammed full of feelings, especially I'm still hurting which just kill me! I would recommend watching the movie if you haven't, or just enjoy having a nice sing along to the soundtrack.

Listen to- See I'm smiling, A summer in Ohio and goodbye till tomorrow/i could never rescue you

Years & Years

I love Olly Alexander so naturally i adore his band. I'm not normally a pop/electro kinda girl but im addicted to Years & Years like worrying addicted. All of their songs are super catchy and just make me wanna dance really. But at the same time the lyrics are still super good and mean a lot. I want to see them live so badly and honestly cannot wait until their album is released!

Listen to- Memo, King and Desire

That's all ~ Gabrielle Aplin (genesis cover)

I stumbled upon this cover while searching for something to fill my craving for a new Gabrielle Aplin release, and i must have listened to it about 100 times this month. Gabrielle totally makes the song her own and gets so into the song, if i didn't know the original i honestly would've thought it was her song. Gabrielle Aplin could scream in my face and it would be beautiful, she can do no wrong, so so talented. 

That's what i listened to on repeat in February, what about you?