Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Soundtrack ~ August...

Sweet Nothing (single) ~ Gabrielle Aplin

Different Class ~ Pulp

What Went Down ~ Foals

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful ~ Flo Morissey

Short Movie ~ Laura Marling

Weathered (single) ~ Jack Garratt

Disintegration ~ The Cure

Goon ~ Tobias Jesso Jr

Another One ~ Mac Demarco

Marks To Prove It ~ The Maccabees

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fashion & Film #2 ~ True Romance...

True Romance is my idea of a perfect film. Written by Quentin Tarantino; there's action, there's eccentrically real characters, scenes to make you laugh, scenes to make you cry and as the title suggests- romance. Infatuating, dangerous romance that mirrors the likes of Bonnie and Clyde. Everything I love in a film, True Romance has.

One thing that drew me to sit down and watch True Romance was the bright colours and eclectic clothes worn by the two main characters- Alabama and Clarence. For a film that gets pretty dark and violent, the colour schemes and outfits worn seem to totally juxtapose the themes in the film. But I guess that sums up the relationship of Clarence and Alabama; totally in love and happy while surrounded by danger. And the bright clothes only add to this idea of them being a beacon for love and hope. Well that's my interpretation.

True Romance style would fit right into summer and has a total Ibiza vibe. The bright neons in clashing prints and textures seem to work so perfectly on Alabama and I think it's all down to the silhouettes- floaty bandeau tops with leggings, bras paired with a-line skirts, low cut dresses with a oversized coat thrown over the top. The off-setting shapes keep the look playful but never too sexy. perfect!

I'll be channelling Alabama in what's left of the summer by working print on print and never shying away from colour. Pairing a patterned a-line skirt with a blue bralette as a more wearable take on her signature look. Then going into winter I'll be throwing big coats over little dresses.

However if that's not really your style, you can always go for a Clarence look. Think Hawaiian skirts over plain white tees and a khaki military jacket or a bright blazer. Clarence style is very Americana meet Tropicana.

I'm totally lusting after this Clarence and Alabama tattoo t-shirt. I love this film so much I'm 100% willing to unleash my fangirl love onto the public via this t-shirt. Might have to be my next purchase.

For me, True Romance is one of the most beautiful films ever made. A tale of love in it's most dangerous form yet the relationship between the two never becomes toxic.

One of the best final scenes ever.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Simple Coconut Ice Recipe...

After craving coconut ice for about a month I decide to try my hand at making some, and it turns out its super super simple and easy! Here's how you can make your own-

What You'll Need...

  • 250g of sweetened condensed milk
  • 250g of icing sugar (you'll also need extra for dusting your rolling pin and board etc)
  • 200g of dessicated coconut 
  • pink food colouring (this is totally optional, I couldn't find any at Tesco so didn't bother)
What To Do...

1)Mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar in a big bowl.

2)Work in all the coconut. You might wanna use your hands as it becomes super stiff and almost dough-like.

3)If you're using food colouring- Split the mixture in two and add the colouring to one half

4)Dust a board with icing sugar and roll the mixture out. If you used food colouring you're going to want to shape the two colours into rectangles and place one on top of the other to get the traditional coconut ice look. But if  not just roll the mixture out to the shape and thickness you want.

5)You then need to leave the mixture to cool, I just popped mine in the fridge overnight.

6)When set simply cut the coconut ice into pieces and enjoy!

Super tasty and could make a sweet little gift if you packaged some pieces in a nice box!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Isle Of Wight...

It's a rare occasion that I'm dragged away from my laptop, but last week I was dragged all the way to the Isle of Wight- a place with an abundance of coffee shops, scenic views and winding roads but absolutely no wifi. Was I on holiday or was I forced to partake in an Internet detox? who knows.
And so I spent a week walking along beaches, eating far too many scones, drinking far too many lattes, winning uno and becoming addicted to art therapy colouring books.

We quickly discovered that the Isle of Wight is very small and that most attractions were for younger kids, not my 20 year old sister and I. But we made do. One attraction I did love was Osborne House which was Queen Victoria's summer home. The décor was so intricate and regal I think I could've looked at it forever, and I love history so it was interesting reading about the house and the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Super super pretty house.

However it wasn't all cream teas and strolling round houses. Last Tuesday me and my sister threw ourselves off cliffs. We didn't feel quite brave enough to skydive so we thought we'd test the waters and try out paragliding. Oh my gosh it was incredible! The view that stretched all the way from fields, to cliffs, to sea and I could even see the mainland. The whole flight was recorded by a selfie stick, which is super dizzying to watch back but honestly it's an experience I definitely wont forget. And I think next time I'll jump out of a plane...

Honestly holidays stress me out quite a lot. I hate having to leave everything behind like this blog, and all the other little projects I'm working on. I'm the sort of person that needs to be in control, I like lists and phone reminders and being able to just work on things. So being laptop-less and wifi-less for a week was tricky! But all in all I enjoyed myself. It was nice to be able to just relax, go for a warm in the warm weather, play some crazy golf and not be stressed about college etc. If you're after a total detox, relax holiday without having to pay a ridiculous amount or fly across oceans, I think the Isle of Wight it a good choice. It's calming, it's pretty and there's several beaches for you to lounge to your heart's content.

It was so lovely to just get away for a week with my family, I asserted my authority as queen of card games, became a colouring god and developed an unhealthy addiction to clotted cream, but now i'm home and back to work on a exciting secret project which will be revealed SOON (watch this space and keep your eyes on my social media! )

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Guest Post ~ Budapest And The Angry Metro Man...

Arriving in Budapest with my best friend was something that I always had an inkling I would do, however Budapest – I was never too sure. The only time I had ever heard of Budapest, was the George Ezra track – it isn't the most known first holiday destination, probably two young girls would travel to Amsterdam, Malia, Zante or Ibiza.
  Personally, I am not that much of a party animal, honestly I could not think of anything worse that drinking blue slush from a bucket in a sticky, hot and sweaty room full of buzz cut walnut whip haircuts, and the dreaded vest top that is too long at the sides and shows off the ribs of any eighteen year old boy. So, we decided on Budapest. The landlocked country in the middle of Eastern Europe – no beach in site but accompanied by architecturally stunning buildings.
  We had planned a lot of our holiday around the famous (kinda) ruined bars, a tenfold version of bars in the middle of Brick Lane or Hoxton. With the multiple decrepit rooms, with old-moth eaten rugs, tellies hanging from the ceiling playing the visions of someone who had taken way too much MDMA. With the trees growing through the middle of the bars, and the bustling metropolis of inter-railers the bars were idiosyncratic. After rumbling the cobbled back streets of Budapest, we managed to find the bar Szimpla Kert – we entered into it with high hopes and they were met. The distant rumble of the Hungarian bass bands and a bar-waitress holding a bowl of peeled carrots and handing them out the finders – it was weird and unique and that is why I fell in love with it.
  Another great thing about the trip was paying a mere 800HUF (£2) to walk up to a rooftop to watch a French film with as much free salted popcorn as you wanted. Watching the sunset lower behind the Parisian – apparently – skyline at the Corvinteto and waiting for the film to start. Stocked up with salted popcorn, Coco Cola in a bottle and the sunset down behind the clouds, the film played The Untouchables, however a French film promised with English subtitles didn't happen, the English didn’t happen – Hungarian subtitles happened. However, with the introduction of steak chips and fake laughter, pretending to know what the film was actually talking about – it was one of the best nights of the holiday.
  When you travel to Budapest make sure that you have the money to keep buying metro tickets, don’t get sucked into the Budapest Card as it is far cheaper to buy 72hr metro tickets from the machines – if they decided to work for you. Hungary is extremely strict with train, tram and bus tickets, so make sure that you get the tickets – and avoid at any cost having an argument with a scary Hungarian man who proceeds to fine you 8000HUF and shouting about taking you to the police station. BUY THE TICKETS.  
  I am an atheist, however I was always willing to look for something which might change that spirituality within me, perhaps waiting for that one part of religion that would gain my attention and kind of make me feel a tiny slight spiritual. Walking up a mountain to Gellért Hill Cave(Sziklatemplom) in 40 degree heat was never my cup of tea, to say the least. So we arrived, paying 500 HUF to gain entry. For myself, I have never believed that you should pay to go into a church – it’s a spiritual essence not a money making business (I think), due to the hot weather I was wearing a halter neck top – however I was asked to cover myself up with a cloth and to be silent. Ok, so I respect this and religion, at the end of the day who am I to judge? But initially I felt offended due to men being able to walk around the church with their backs and shoulders out, but my female anatomy offends those in the church. I mean, it was a beautiful Church; the stain glass windows were simply beautiful, although I couldn't concentrate due to the smelly cloth around my shoulders covering my “modesty”.
  I whole heartily believe that if you want to understand and feel part of a country you are visited, and then try their traditional food. Hungarian traditional food is focused around Paprika, Goulash and buttered noodles – Goulash is actually extremely satisfying, it is similar to a beef casserole but in soup form – it is great and please try it if you are there. However, do not order the buttered noodles thinking that they will be long thin noodles that you get with Thai food, they resemble mashed up noodles and mash potato together – try it, but be prepared for it.
   However, alike the obvious travel writers will preach – go to Heroes Square, walk to the top of Szt. Gellert hill and visit the Citadel, cross the Chain Bridge and visit the Opera house. However, I am not going to preach this – as much as they are stunning and sight-seeing opportunities – you will be surrounded by selfie sticks and ignorant tourists. Walking up a hill to me to see the statue in 40 degrees is not too fun.
   I did have a great time, luckily I went with my best friend so we could have a laugh about most of the things we saw, and we didn't feel the need to walk around to every monument because we were chilling out for the most. However, I would say don’t go for 7 nights – go for a shorter amount of time because it is a small city and once you've seen it, it becomes repetitive.

Find Daisy-Chain Scott-
Instagram- @brokensaffrons
Twitter- @rebeleffie

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Do's and Don't's For The Night Before Results Day...

DO- Whatever relaxes you

Slap on a face mask, run yourself a bath, watch Breakfast At Tiffany's, eat your bodyweight. Whatever will keep you relaxed and occupied, do that!

DON'T- Go Anywhere Near A Textbook

I know that temptation. The little voices in your head telling you to take a peak in the book to see whether you got that one question right or wrong, RESIST IT! Opening the book will not transport you back to the exam hall 3 months ago and at this stage it's better to not know the answer than add to the fear.

DO - Invite Friends round

Nothing better than your friends to keep you happy and busy. Get on that group inbox and organise a spontaneous cinemas trip or something, cause otherwise you'll all just be in the same boat but alone.

DON'T- Talk To Friends About The Exam/The Results

Talking about it obsessively for hours is guaranteed to send you into a stress spiral and bring back nightmare flashbacks of that history exam. Instead, if you're friend brings it up, assure them that you have all the confidence in the world in them and swiftly move the conversation along to something nice like food.

DO- Remind yourself that the past is the past, what's done is done

No amount of stress will change your results, so it is what it is. Best thing you can do now is forget about it and relax. Here's a video of Mia Goth talking- if her voice doesn't relax you I really dint know what will...

DON'T- Constantly say "ugh I'm going to have done so bad"

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE! You're going to do great, everything is going to be great, the world is your oyster!

Monday, 10 August 2015

Bedroom Décor...

Duvet Cover- House Of Fraser

Bed Spread- Pretty Twisted (HERE)

Elephant Wind chime- Pretty Twisted (HERE)

Fave album forever

After months of gathering inspo (See my post HERE) and trying to choose paint, I
finally finished re-decorating my room. I'm so so happy with the result, it feels like a breath of fresh air after living in a room that didn't reflect me for so long. I love the mixture of minimalism with the simple grey/white colours and more vibrant, colourful pieces like the mandala bedspread and elephant hanging. My room finally feels like me and no longer feels like I'm living in a 5 year old's bedroom (phew!) Also my new bedding is so ridiculously comfy, I've never been happier.

There's still some things I want to get such as a jewellery hanger to combat the embarrassing mess of necklaces in a knot around my desk-light, some little elephant candle holders and maybe a little bonsai tree just for some added Zen. I'm also thinking of making my pin-board into more of a fashion/culture mood board (aka a shrine to Stevie nicks and Patti smith). Who knows! However, for now I'm in love with my bedroom and very rarely leave it.

If you're looking to redecorate your room or just add some little extras, I'd really recommend checking out Pretty Twisted as they have such a great range of home decoration stuff to match all different rooms and vibes, and all good prices!

Find Pretty Twisted-

Instagram- @weareprettytwisted

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Fashion & Film ~ Annie Hall...

Annie Hall is a great great film and a great great character to reference. Queen Alexa Chung pretty much summed the character up when she said-

"Although Hall may be one of the most neurotic characters to grace a screen, her clothes suggest a laid back elegance..."

I think that's the most perfect description. Not only has Annie Hall become one of my favourite films and favourite characters, but Hall is becoming one of my favourite style reference. 

I love how Annie's outfits look so cleverly put together to still manage to seem effortless, each piece being so simple but merged in a way that makes the outfit interesting. I love the dark colours matches with neutral tones and a bare face. I love how bold her outfits are yet she still remains soft and approachable. Everything is perfectly balanced, perfectly tailored and I love it!

I think Annie's style is much more suited to winter when you wont bake in a boyfriends coat, but for now I'll be working her femininely masculine vibes into my wardrobe as I stock up on cigarette trousers, white shirts, simple t-shirts and structured tailored pieces. Then as the weather gets colder I have no doubt I'll be channelling Annie Hall a lot as I dig out my beloved coat collection. 

Annie Hall makes me want to invest in a pant suit and start wearing my glasses more. There's just something so charming about such a soft feminine character dressed in tomboyish silhouettes. It's so strange to find a character dressed in clothes that seem to barely reflect their personality, but I think that's why I love it.

Greatest scene! 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Everyday Make-up Look & Inspiration...

Fresh hair cut selfie

For the first time in a week I went outside (I've been cooped up in my bedroom writing secret things, eating too much (way way to much) rocky road and watching The Hills and Catfish) But I ventured out forcing me to put make-up on as to not scare civilians.

My make-up look at the minute is super simple and minimal. I think for the first time I've given up on trying to do fancy skillful make-up and I'm working more with my face and what works for me. I've pretty much given up on bronzer and started to opt more for just highlighter and a little bit of blush (loving this whole strobing trend!) My favourite highlighter to use is the MUA Undress your skin highlighter without a doubt. It has a slightly pinky tone to it that looks so pretty but isn't too obvious and sparkly like I find some highlighters to be. Paired with my Topshop Cream Blush in Flush, I think this makes my skin look a lot healthier and glowier than when O try to use bronzer. I don't know whether its the product I'm using but I think I'm just too pale for bronzer/contour so if any one has any recommendations for good products for pale gals, please please let me know!

For my eyebrows I'm still striving for that Delevingne level brow. I've have been using my Rimmel Brow This Way eyebrow kit a lot more as I feel like powder gives a more natural look than pencil. Also I've been using a brow gel to brush my brows upwards for more of an arch than just a straight brow. My eyebrows have grown out quite nicely so I'm gradually starting to use less and less product on them which I'm super happy about.

My eye make-up switches a lot. I swap between eye-liner wings and simple mascara depending on my mood/time availability. However at the moment I've been loving doing smaller eye-liner flicks as they're really quick and easy to do but still make my eyes pop. There's something about getting my hair cut shorter that always draws me back to eye-liner...

I'm still addicted to my MUA matte lipstick in Fawn Fancy which i mentioned in a previous post (read HERE) Such a pretty colour!

My ultimate make-up inspiration at the moment stems from my fave film- God Help The Girl. I've already talked about how much i love the fashion in this film (read HERE) But the make-up looks in the movie are also amazing. I love Emily Browning's character's natural, glowy make-up. The soft pink lip, subtle liner and pinky blush makes her look so pretty, like English rose pretty. Definitely a look I've been aiming to recreate. Emily Browning's make-up in general always looks so flawless, especially in this video-

Mega girl crush!

Products Used-

Collection concealer in Fair
Rimmel Stay matte power in 001
Miss sporty liquid liner
Clinique high lengths mascara
No7 lash impact mascara
MUA lipstick in fawn fancy
MUA undress me too palette
Sleek Faceform Palette (for highlighing brow bone)
Topshop cream blush in flush
Rimmel brow this way
MUA undress your skin highlighter
What's your everyday make-up look?