Tuesday, 29 September 2015

OOTD ~ Black Stripes, Blue Denim...

Dungarees- Topshop (HERE)
Striped jumper- H&M
Cardigan- Primark
Boots- Topshop

If you read my autumn wishlist (read HERE) then you'll know that I've been lusting after some full length denim dungarees. And a couple weeks ago I decided to treat myself to these Topshop ones and I loooove them! 

I love the mom jean style to these dungarees making them look super authentic but also ridiculously comfy. Also the shape of them makes them so easy to style as they're instantly like a full outfit, so I've been wearing them with just a plain black jumper or t-shirt underneath. I've already got loads of wear out of them as they're such a simple, easy piece.

Today I paired them with this striped jumper/top thing I picked up from H&M a couple days ago. It's just a super simple stripes and denim combo but I think the shapes of the pieces make the outfit way more interesting, and it feels like wearing PJs. Then I've dug out my trusty Topshop cut out Chelsea boots so I'm back to wearing them pretty much 24/7 like I did last autumn/winter.

I think full length dungarees are such a good autumn/winter piece as you can layer both under and over to keep cosy but the outfit still looks really put together due to the structured denim. So if you're contemplating getting some, DO IT! They're easy to style, comfy and cute as heck so why not! (H&M are doing a version with a skinnier jean bottom half if that's more your vibe!)

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Positive Visual...

I've been wanting to make a pinboard that I can fill with fashion/life inspo for ages and after finding some lil pinboards that were the perfect size I finally got round to it!

I get distracted super easily so I thought if I made a pinboard full of motivation and put it up over my desk then at least my distraction will motivate me to work or create or just keep doing what I'm doing. So I took to my instagram and tumblr to gather all my fave pictures and quotes as well as images of ultimate mega babes and super inspirations- Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks. Basically I just wanted to create a really positive visual for my room, so when I'm feeling down I can immediately see some positive affirmations and influences. And so the board is covered in positivity and empowerment and I love it! (it's also a great place to stick reminders and to-do lists so you always remember them)

It was so super easy to make- all you need is a pinboard or two, some scissors and pins and a decent printer. And voila a manifestation board so help better your state of mind and your bedroom interior!

If you're interested in where any of the pictures have come from you can probably find them on either my instagram or tumblr-

Instagram- @lucyharbron_
Tumblr- lucyharbron.tumblr.com

But if you can't find one you love feel free to drop me a line and I'll find it for you!

PS. Have you noticed my new banner? (shout out to GCSE graphic art for blessing me with adequate photoshop skills), I'm personally loving the change, how about you?

Also just a lil notice to say that we're looking for new contributors for KILORAN! So if you're interested email us at kiloranmag@outlook.com x

Friday, 18 September 2015

Sink Or Swim Designs...

Organisation pack (*) HERE

College is back in full swing and I'm so grateful for my new Sink Or Swim Design organisation pack! To-do lists and planners galore helping me keep on top of my work, something so simple and pretty makes the thought of organisation much less painful.

I've followed Tessa, the founder and designer over at Sink Or Swim, on instagram for aages and always had a massive respect for her open discussions about mental health while striving to build her business. It's a brand I really love and have followed for a long time, so when Tessa offered to send me over some stuff I was more than happy! I think it's so important to support little businesses and with products as charming and cute as Tessa's for such cheap prices, what's not to love?!

Making hand-made, personalised pieces, Sink Or Swim design clearly aims to please. Creating pillows, totes, posters and t-shirts with personalised quotes, lyrics or really whatever you want, I love the idea of having something that means so much to you printed so beautifully so I think I'll be investing in a poster soon. But in fact just the name of the brand-"Sink Or Swim"- means a lot of me, so having it printed on the bottom of to-do lists serves as motivation in itself. And only £6 for a hand-made personalised print is exceptional compared to some of the etsy rip-offs!

Personalised tote bag (*) £10
Tessa was also lovely enough to send me the cutest tote bag in the world. I don't think I've ever related to a piece of clothing before, but this bag basically sums up 90% of my thoughts/feelings. So I'll be carrying this around with me everywhere! love love love it! But remember you can have whatever you want printed onto a tote (in case you don't relate and do actually sleep at night!)

I think Sink Or Swim designs is just one of those amazing little businesses that deserves more love and recognition for their work. And really having personalised decorations and accessories will always be better than primark stuff that everyone has, so why not treat yourself?

Find Sink Or Swim Designs-

Facebook- facebook.com/sinkorswimdesignsco
Instagram- @sink_or_swim_designs
Contact for requests- tessa.sinkorswimdesigns@gmail.com

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fashion & Film #3 ~ Marie Antoinette...

As we're studying the French revolution in history, I decided to be a good student and revise via watching the film Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst (heart eyes). But really I learnt nothing of use other than that film is sooo pretty! I could watch it forever oh man that pastel colour scheme!

The fashion in the film is obviously pretty formal so I set myself the challenge to put together a casual Marie Antoinette look and with the help of Zara and Topshop I think I might have succeeded! Frilly pretty blouses are everywhere at the moment making it super easy to get a little Versailles vibes in your life. Zara has some super nice ones with polka dots or little patterns if you wanted something a little jazzier.

I also love this floral print playsuit from Topshop, I think that works so well with the film as its pastel but still bright and a sort of in-your-face girly/innocent like everything Marie Antoinette wears. Like sickly sweet.

To wear this look I'd pair a girly blouse with a pair of cigarette pants to off set the look and add a bit of a masculine edge while still keeping that luxe, formal vibe. Or I'd go for a midi skirt in a pastel tone if your look is already pretty sweet and girly. But for me I think I'd add a masculine twist to make it more wearable.

One thing I did notice was how similar the visuals in Marie Antoinette were to Topshop's Summer Of Love Collection with the bold green fields and soft pastels. I think that really Marie Antoinette is a big fashion icon even though she was a bit of a pants queen of France!

FUN FACT- Marie Antoinette didn't actually say "Let them eat cake". (you learn something new every day!)

Saturday, 5 September 2015


For the last 3/4 months I've been busy busy working on a little secret (or not so secret) project and now it's finally launch time.

At the start of summer I decided to start a magazine where I could work freely with the creative people i'm surrounded by as well as creative people I see daily on social media. So that's what I did and after months of work and planning and development I can finally announce the launch of KILORAN- a magazine built by a collective of creative people and jam-packed with everything from photos, interviews with bands, playlists, reviews, poetry and articles on fashion, social/political issues etc etc. 

I'm so ridiculously proud of not only myself, but the insanely talented team of contributors I've been working with. Everyone involved came with such amazing, unique ideas and without them the end product would be no where near as incredible as it is today (well I think it is!)

And so today is the day, the release of our first issue! The launch is at midday today so keep yours eyes on my social media accounts for the link, or follow KILORAN on social media-

Twitter- @kiloranmag
Instagram- @kiloranmag
Tumblr- Kiloranmag.tumblr.com
Facebook- facebook.com/kiloranmag

For now you can read an interview I did, talking about the release of KILORAN as well as the experience of creating it. Read it HERE.

AHHHHH I'm so excited!!!

I'm so excited to be able to finally release the magazine after months of hard work, and i feel so privileged to have the opportunity to share the amazing work of the contributors.

I really really hope you like it, as I love this issue so so much! Watch out for the release at midday today!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn Wishlist...

As autumn looms closer I'm craving a wardrobe clear-out and a revamp of my style, moving more towards a slouchy cosy vibe rather than the more tailored autumn/winter wardrobe I had last year. So I've been online window shopping way too much and here's a little wishlist I've put together of autumn/winter essentials I need to invest in...

One thing I'm totally lusting after at the minute is a pair of long denim dungarees. After re-reading Patti Smith's Just Kids for the millionth time I got to the part where she describes an outfit she wore- 

"I wore my dungarees, black turtleneck and the old grey raincoat I had bought in Camden."

I. want. that. outfit. And so I think I might have to invest in the Topshop indigo dungarees. I'll be wearing mine not just with a black turtleneck but with slouchy high neck jumpers, white shirts and classic t-shirts. I think long dungarees are such a create transition piece for the awkward summer to winter period.

I've become a bit of a necklace addict so next on my wishlist is a statement necklace to wear with simple jumpers or to spice up an old outfit. I love this Regal Rose suede and coin necklace and for only £12 I might have to treat myself. But I think necklaces are such an easy way to make any outfit instantly more interesting so a definite must have for when you bring the jumpers back out.

And talking of jumpers! This year I'm really loving high neck chunky jumpers like these. I think for the colder months a high neck jumper, jeans and a oversized boyfriend coat is such a simple yet really interesting outfit with the mixture of shapes involved. H&M have a lush high neck jumper in a orangey/red which I'll definitely be snapping up at the nearest opportunity. College gets so cold at this time of year so jumpers are essential and I think oversized high neck jumpers will become my go-to this winter.

What are you lusting after?