Saturday, 26 November 2016

Uni Lifesavers...

Oh boy its been a hot minute, but uni kicked in so suddenly with essays and work and blah blah. I pinky promise to settle into a blogging routine soon.

I've been at uni for almost 10 weeks now. 10 weeks of independent woman living in the big city. Living away from home makes it so much clearer who and what you rely on and what things you couldn't live without. And as uni offers come pouring out for next year, I thought I'd share some of my uni lifesavers that aren't included on any 'to pack' lists.

Fjallraven Kanken Laptop Pack
Lets start with the most obvious - A backpack. Being at uni and having to carry round a whole bunch of crap daily gives you new respect for your mum with her big handbag. I've wanted one of the Kanken backpacks for so so long as I just think they're so beautifully designed and minimalistic, so to actually own one makes me feel endlessly cool daily as I lug all my books to and from class. They are pricey but this backpack has a built in laptop holder that's super padded so gives it good protection as your laptop will become your baby. I don't know what more to say other than you need a backpack, your shoulders will thank you.

To Do List- Sink or Swim designs
Mini Whiteboard - Wilko
On a more academic note, a whiteboard or a wipe clean to-do list is a lifesaver. It can be hard to keep track of what you need to do for when, where you need to be, things you promised to go to etc so having somewhere that you can quickly jot stuff down makes life so much easier. Also, writing out to-do lists and being able to wipe jobs off when you're done can be so motivating as you see the list get smaller and smaller.

I also have a mantra written on my whiteboard in my Mum's handwriting saying-

"The option is mine, in every moment, to chose peace over panic."

Filling your room with positive affirmations like that is completely invaluable and so helpful if you're struggling. So I love having stuff like that written on my whiteboard when I'm struggling with anxiety.

Mirror - Matalan
For the narcissist inside me, this mirror is possibly my fave thing in my uni room. Make-up lovers know the importance of good lighting when you're applying your daily face, so a mirror you can move around you room is definitely a good investment when you have absolutely no idea where the light will settle in your new home. Also, you get some banging nonchalant uni desk selfies. 

Plastic Drawers - Aldi
On a similar note, plastic drawers are life. Not the most aesthetically pleasing but so so essential as uni rooms normally have the bare minimum storage. Going from having a dreamy, organised make-up drawer to a room without the space for it broke my little beauty blogger heart a bit, so these drawers have healed the wound a bit. Having somewhere to easily store and organise your products will help keep your room so so much neater but everything is still on hand and easy to access rather than having to rummage through a make-up bag. I have yet to go in a room that doesn't have a set of these drawers so you know... student essentials. 

Platform plimsoles - New Look
I love these shoes. I bought them with the intention to wear them only on a night out, but they've gradually crept into my daily attire as they're just so comfy and still give me a bit of height. When you have to do a 30 minute walk to uni everyday, comfort is essential but that doesn't mean you have to look grim. Wearing these has made me want to invest in some proper trainers and I'm all heart eyes for the Adidas Originals Superstar snakeskin ones ooof 

Top - H&M
Trousers- H&M
Sandals - New Look
Similarly, a throw away pair of shoes is a must. Going out shoes are bound to become sticky, gross messes by the end of the night so having a pair of shoes you only wear out and don't care about ruining makes life so much easier and less stressful. For me, I always wear these new look sandals which I've had for years and know won't do me another summer season. They're old, comfy and giving me some height, so an all-round 10/10 boogie shoe.

Top - vintage
Culotte Jumpsuit - New Look
Coat - Vintage
Shoes - Plimsoles as above
Talking bout nights out, day to night clothes will help you cut down on the amount of stuff in your wardrobe so much and aid that swift turn around ready for the sesh. I've been looking for a black culotte jumpsuit for so long as I think they're so flattering on people with my shape and I FINALLY found one in New Look. I'm wearing it out either on its own or with a sheer top under, and over a striped t-shirt or jumper for a daytime look. Like I said before, storage is minimal so anything to cut down the amount you own is essential. 

Fur coat- Mooch Vintage
Coats coats coats, you all know I love a good coat and layering season is back baby. My newest, and possibly now, my fondest edition is this glorious vintage fur coat. It is real fur which is a bit problematic when I'm veggie, but buying second hand fur doesn't contribute at all to the industry so is completely fine is that's the look you're after. Since getting this coat, fur coats have been everywhere just saying *cough* trendsetter *cough*. But saying warm is again a must when you're walking everywhere and cant reply on the "can you come pick me up?" text to your mum. However, don't make the mistake I did of bringing 5 coats to uni but not a single waterproof one...

So they're the things keeping me alive at the moment, what could you not living without?

PS. KILORAN is looking for contributor for the next issue, so hit me up if you want to be involved!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Playlist ~ GRL PWR...

Today America elected a racist, misogynistic, xenophobia, trash-bag of a human over a qualified, experienced woman. It reminded us all that sexism and misogyny are never too distant, and someone will always try to bring down and degrade powerful women.

I feel disheartened, angry, anxious but most of all just confused by the result and how there was even a contest between Trump and Clinton. It's scary. Hearing Trumps beliefs and policies is baffles me how people could see presidential qualities in his behaviour. My heart aches for all Americans that arent cis white christian males, it aches for the environment, the peace of the world, the treatment of muslims, women, LGBT+ people, so so so much fear in the world right now. But we must look to the future with the hope we can muster, and continue to campaign for our beliefs, our rights and for progress.

Females are strong as hell, lady president or not, we're gonna get this ladies. Gotta keep pushing forward.

I felt today of all days we needed a girl power boost, so I've compiled a boss-ass playlist of only empowering female artists killing the game daily. 6 hours 57 minutes of girl love and strength.

Girl power and solidarity, today and always.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Winter Fashion Inspo...

The weather has officially switched and I am cold. Which means it's time for the big wardrobe mix up and to wave hello to big jumpers, and proper winter coats aka my fave.

In the last month I feel like my style has really changed and become a lot more bold as I'm drawn more towards interesting shapes and textures. So this winter I'm thinking cigarette trousers, jumpers and over sized coats, very Annie hall, masculine/feminine.

I think living in a city and being constantly surrounded by all different aesthetics has really altered my taste and eye when I'm out shopping. There's such an incredible vintage scene on Sheffield so I've been really loving the battered vibe, drawing me towards a very 1970s New York grunge look as Patti Smith remains on my radar always. But also, I'm all heart-eyed for old, battered sportswear- last week I fell head over heads with a over-sized, faded navy Elisse sweatshirt so I neeeeeed one. Vintage sportswear with crisp trousers and a big coat is all I want right now.

Some textures I'm really into at the moment and looking ahead into winter are denim, suede and fur (always faux or second hand!). I think those three work so well together in cold weather, they're such comforting materials. I recently treated myself to a vintage fur coat for the cold weather and It's so empowering and beautiful to wear. I used to really shy away from pieces like that as I used to think they didn't align with my introverted personality, but for real, pushing the boundaries of your fashion comfort zone can do wonders for your confidence! My next target for pushing my limits is to approach patterns. I've been loving leopard print at the moment, lusting after a leopard print skirt like Alabama's in True Romance, and I looooove Topshop's floral cigarette trousers on a khaki background. A change in season is the ultimate experimentation time.

What style are you leaning towards this season? Share your inspo with me!