About Me...

"And history books forgot about us and the bible didn't mention us"

My name is Lucy, I'm 18 and living in the North East of England.

Things The Books Forgot was born on a rainy night as I discovered blogs- a place where I could share my writing as well as my favourite things, fashion, beauty, films, music ETC. And over the years Things The Books Forgot became what is is today, a collective of all those things.

If you have any specific questions comment down below or feel free to email me (lucyharbron@outlook.com) and I'll answer them x

You can find more details about how to contact me HERE


  1. What camera do you use?

    1. i use a little fuji finepix Z35 at the moment mainly because it is small enough to carry in my bag, but i hope to get a better camera in the future xo

    2. What type do you want?

  2. I love your blog! Found it on Instagram earlier today and fell in love.
    love, Amelia from thinklovenotlogic.wordpress.com xx

  3. aw, i found your blog through instagram and we are like the same person! check out my blog: http://isabelsimagination.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. Hi!love your blog how did you create your navigation bar???

  5. Hey! I love your blog :) Do you have an email I can contact you at?

  6. Hi Lucy....
    Greeting from Myanmar



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